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Diablo Immortal Battle Pass Season 2 rewards including rank 40 Empowered rewards

Every free and premium reward you can get on the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Diablo Immortal is in its Season 2 now, and with a new season comes new Battle Pass rewards for both free and premium 'Empowered' players!

You can play Diablo Immortal on mobile and PC, and level up to earn rewards with every rank, up to rank 40.

To help you work through the ranks as you play, you'll find a breakdown of the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass below.

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Battle Pass rewards:


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Diablo Immortal | Gameplay Trailer.

Diablo Immortal Season 2 Battle Pass rank 40 rewards

At a glance, here's the rewards you can get for reaching rank 40 on the Diablo Immortal Season 2 Battle Pass:

  • Rank 40 Free Battle Pass - Fervent Fang two-star Legendary Gem
  • Rank 40 premium 'Empowered Battle Pass - Bloodsworn Armor cosmetic and Fervent Fang two-star Legendary Gem

If you do buy the premium 'Empowered' Battle Pass, you'll receive all of the rewards on the free track as well - but only when you reach the reward's required rank by earning Battle Points.

Once you've reached rank 40 on the Battle Pass, you'll earn a Gift of Renown to open for every 180 Battle Points you earn. If it contains the same rewards as Season 1, you'll get 100 Hilts and 150 Scrap Materials for each Gift of Renown you open.

Diablo Immortal Battle Pass Season 2 free rewards

Here's everything you can get on the free Diablo Immortal Season 2 Battle Pass track:

  • Seled's Weakening one-star Legendary Gem
  • Fervent Fang two-star Legendary Gem
  • x12 Normal Gems (of your choice)
  • x1 Legendary off-hand weapon (of your choice)
  • x11 Rare Crests
  • x1 Legendary Crest
  • x8 Charms
  • x3 Reforge Stone (adds random bonus attribute)
  • x1 random Reforge Stone
  • 2,100 Scrap Materials
  • 7,900 Hilts
  • x1 Enchanted Dust
You can get one Seled's Weakening Legendary Gem from the free Battle Pass track.

Diablo Immortal Battle Pass Season 2 premium 'Empowered' rewards

In addition to every free reward listed above, here's everything you can get on the premium 'Empowered' Diablo Immortal Season 2 Battle Pass track:

  • Bloodsworn Weapon cosmetic
  • Bloodsworn Armor cosmetic
  • Gratitude Chat Emoji
  • Headache Chat Emoji
  • Fervent Fang two-star Legendary Gem x2
  • Seled's Weakening one-star Legendary Gem x3
  • x27 Normal Gems
  • x12 Rare Crests
  • x2 Legendary Crests
  • x30 Aspirant's Key
  • x55 Scoria
There are two Fervent Fang Legendary Gems included in the premium Battle Pass.

Diablo Immortal Battle Pass Season 2 rewards explained

There are two main tracks for Diablo Immortal's Battle Pass: the free pass and the 'Empowered' pass. The latter costs £4.49, and gives you access to more rewards when you reach their required rank. If you don't want to spend additional cash, the free pass is the way to go, and you'll still get plenty of rewards for playing and ranking up.

There's also a second option for buying the Empowered Pass, which costs £12.99. This is essentially a time skip that allows you to earn the first 14 levels instantly.

There are lots of ways to earn Battle Points in Diablo Immortal.

Ranking up the Battle Pass is done by earning Battle Points. By heading into the Codex, you'll be able to see the missions you need to complete in order to get Battle Points. With each rank on the Battle Pass, new rewards are given.

How to unlock the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass

You won't have access to the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass when starting out. You'll need to play for around an hour, until you have entered the Mad King's Breach.

When you defeat the boss in this area, you will be able to access the Battle Pass. Just open the menu in the top-left, then you can choose between the free Battle Pass and the premium 'Empowered' version.

Go to your main menu to find the Battle Pass submenu.

Diablo Immortal is here! If you're just getting started, you'll want to know the best class for beginners - including the Necromancer and Crusader - and the current battle pass rewards. Our Legendary Gems and Charms guides can help you achieve the strongest build, and we also have handy maps for every Hidden Lair location, alight nine lamps puzzle solution, and the Hydra and Golem locations.

Should you get the premium Empowered Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal?

Whether you buy the premium 'Empowered' Battle Pass or not will depend on how much grinding you want to do in Diablo Immortal. If you have it, you'll get extra rewards per rank, some of them being extremely valuable. Mostly it comes down to gems, specifically Legendary Gems, which are extremely rare in the game.

By having the premium pass you will have access to more of these items, and will save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent grinding for gems. On the other hand, if you just want to play through Diablo Immortal at your own pace, then you can absolutely get by with the free pass.

Good luck levelling up your Battle Pass!

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