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Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides quest: How to start The Pigeon Provides and unlock Zephyr in Destiny 2

How to unlock the Stasis sword.

The Pigeon Provides is a new seasonal quest in Destiny 2.

As part of The Dawning 2021 event, and joining the likes of Rite of Dawning, the quest involves for you to gather ingredients and cook specific recipes. By the end of it, you'll be able to unlock the new Stasis sword.

Whether or not the weapon will dominate in Crucible in Destiny 2 is yet to see, but for now, this page details how to start The Pigeon Provides, as well as how to complete the quest to unlock Zephyr.

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How to complete The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2 in brief

Here's a quick rundown of the steps needed to complete The Pigeon Provides quest:

  1. Complete The Lost Splicer quest on Europa (if you haven't already)
  2. Talk to Saint-14 in the Tower Hanger
  3. Track down the ingredients for Swaddled Etherdips: Pure Ether Extract (x3), Harpy Eggs (x10) and Glacial Starwort (x5)
  4. Collect Dawning Spirit (x15)
  5. Collect Etheric Spiral (x5) and purchase Kellsdough from Spider in the Tangled Shore using Dawning Spirit
  6. Collect Wolfpack Rounds by defeating powerful Fallen in the Cosmodrome (7 total)
  7. Return to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar
  8. Deliver treats to the Eliksni of House Light
  9. Return to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar
  10. Talk to Eva Levante in the Tower to complete the quest and receive Zephyr

If you're interested in knowing how the quest works in detail, jump to our following sections.

How to start The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2

Luckily, the process to start The Pigeon Provides is fairly straightforward. First, you need to log into the game for The Dawning 2021 event. You have time until January 4th to complete this and other seasonal activities.

Once there, head over to the Tower, specifically the Courtyard, to find Eva Levante. Talk to her and follow her indications in the introductory quest.

This will only take a couple minutes. At one point she will offer you The Pigeon Provides, as well as the Rite of Dawning quests, and you'll be all set. Now, let's see what each step entails.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to complete The Pigeon Provides and unlock Zephyr

The Pigeon Provides in Destiny 2 has a total of 10 steps - but some of them are only quick visits to certain NPCs.

As such, we're starting with a brief chat with Saint-14, who can be found at the Tower Hangar.

Saint-14 asks us to head over to Europa and track down the Eliksni Recipe in Eventide Ruins. For this, head to the destinations tab, select the nearest travel point and head over to the marked location using your sparrow.

As long as you have the quest selected, the location of the recipe is automatically marked on your map, so don't worry about missing it.

Now, this is where the quest starts getting tricky. The next step involves gathering different amounts of three key ingredients. You can find their locations below:

  • Pure Ether Extract (x3): You obtain this by looting the chest at the end of a Lost Sector in Europa - we recommend running The Perdition Lost Sector, which is found northeast of Cadmus Ridge.
  • Harpy Eggs (x10): You obtain this by defeating Harpies in Europa - luckily, The Perdition Lost Sector has plenty of them. It only took is one run to gather all 10 Harpy Eggs, so it's by far the easiest step.
  • Glacial Starwort (x5): Lastly, you can find this by opening chests around Europa. We recommend for you to equip a Tracker Mod in your Ghost Shell, allowing you to pinpoint nearby chest locations once you get close to them. Just roam around the area until you find five of them.

There are a few more steps to go, so stick with us. The next one, which tasks you to collect 15 Dawning Spirit, is by far the most time consuming of the bunch.

You can obtain Dawning Spirit in the following ways:

  • Completing Eva Levante bounties (2 Dawning Spirit for Daily Bounties, 10 Dawning Spirit for Weekly Bounties)
  • Completing Dawning Triumps (amounts are indicated in the triumphs)
  • Delivering Dawning Gifts (3 Dawning Spirit each)
  • You can increase the amount of Dawning Spirit gained by using the Boon of Friendship consumable (one per day, granted by talking to Eva Levante)
  • You can also increase the amount of Dawning Spirit gained by equipping the fully upgraded Starfarer 7M Ship - in case you have it, that is

In our experience, it was best to just focus on the available Weekly Bounty from Eva Levante to start out with 10 Dawning Spirit. Then, it's just a matter of playing a couple playlist activities to gain The Dawning 2021 ingredients and create gifts.

Once you have at least two of them, head over to the corresponding NPC and give it to them to obtain the necessary 15 Dawning Spirit. The reason why we recommend playlist activities is because you will need the Essence of Dawning.

Almost done! Now, we'll need to gather 5 Etheric Spiral. You can find this in the Tangled Shore - it's a type of plant that has a red color. You can stumble upon it on the wild, but the most secure way to obtain it is to open chest - same method as before for this.

This same step also involves purchasing Kellsdough from Spider, also in the Tangled Shore. We'll be using the Dawning Spirit we have collected for this.

In case you haven't paid Spider a visit yet, or just need a refresher, the NPC is found in Thieves' Landing - slightly northwest of the fast travel point.

Time for the last few errands. Once you have everything in your possession, head over to the Tower Hangar again to speak to Saint-14. You'll obtain the Polycarbon Powder Shader as a first reward.

Up for one more task? Open the Destinations tab and head over to the H.E.L.M. - there, click the Last City: Eliksni Quarter fast travel point in the bottom left corner.

No cooking needed here - all you have to do is approach a total of 10 NPCs and press the button prompt to give them a treat.

After this, talk to Saint-14 again, and then head over to the Courtyard for a brief chat with Eva Levante, who will give you the Zephyr as a reward.

Congrats on completing The Pigeon Provides!