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Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy Verses: How to get all Forge weapons, Perfect Paradox, Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier and Hermaion Blossom

How the new weapon forge system works and what weapons you can unlock.

Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy is new feature added as part of the Curse of Osiris DLC.

These are mini-quests that require you to farm a certain number of resources - Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier and Hermaion Blossom - giving you one of several new and unique weapons.

One of these is the Legends Lost quest, which allows you to get the Paradox Perfect shotgun.

If you're looking for more from the DLC, our Destiny 2 DLC Curse of Osiris guide and walkthrough can help.

This page includes:

How to start a Lost Prophecy and get new Forge weapons in Destiny 2

First, you need to complete the main storyline of the Curse of Osiris DLC, which culmulates with a mission named 'Omega'.

Doing so will then unlock Adventures within the Mercury patrol space. This is one of three Adventures you must complete in order - The Up and Up, The Runner and Bug in the System. These take you through the Infinite Forest once more, ending with a unique encounter in a different time zone each time.

With those three done, you then unlock Mercury Adventure Tokens, and the ability to undertake Heroic Adventures. You must then complete one of these Heroic Adventures.

Note these are a big step up difficulty-wise compared to standard Adventures (going from 250 Power level to 300) so if you can, complete it as part of a Fireteam. Otherwise, we found the Runner easiest to complete solo, since the boss component is easy with the right elemental damage enabled with the Prism modifier.

With the Heroic Adventure complete, you can go back to Vance and finally start your first Lost Prophecy. We had Verse 1 (which we assume is the default start for every player), which when completed and taken to the Forge, you can return to Brother Vance to receive another Lost Prophecy.

Lost Prophecy Verses and Forge weapons list

Each Verse requires a different quantity of resources and rewarding you with a weapon at the end.

Each one requires you to hand in a combination of Concentrated Radiolarian Culture or Advanced Paradox Amplifier. Once you have enough (the end section of this article will explain where to specifically find these items) then 'use' them in your inventory to apply them to the active Lost Prophecy.

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Then take it to Brother Vance, who will guide you to the nearby Weapon Forge. Interact with it, and the weapon corresponding to that Verse is yours.

Not only are these weapons exclusive, but they will also drop at higher Power levels than you have currently equipped, making them a welcome way to increase your overall Power level.

Verse 11x Concentrated Radiolarian CultureGarden Progeny 1 (Scout Rifle)
Verse 22x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
1x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
The Conqueror 2 (Submachine Gun)
Verse 31x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
2x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
Jack Queen King 3 (Hand Cannon)
Verse 43x Concentrated Radiolarian CultureMachina Dei 4 (Pulse Rifle)
Verse 53x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
1x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
Traveler's Judgment 5 (Sidearm)
Verse 62x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
2x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
Sol Pariah 6 (Submachine Gun)
Verse 71x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
2x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
West of Sunfall 7 (Hand Cannon)
Verse 82x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
2x Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
Infinite Paths 8 (Pulse Rifle)
Verse 92x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
2x Advanced Paradox Amplifier
2x Hermaion Blossom
Null Calamity 9 (Auto Rifle)
Verse 103x Fossilized Hermaion BlossomFuture Safe 10 (Sword)
Verse 11Legends Lost questline (see below)Perfect Paradox (Shotgun)

Complete all of the above, and your final reward is a Sagira Shell for your Ghost.

Thanks to the Destiny subreddit for filling in some of the blanks above.

You can track which ones you've completed on the wall behind the Weapon Forge, with the orbs lightning up as you finish each Verse.

How to get Perfect Paradox and the Legends Lost quest

Following the December 12 update, there is the chance to start and complete the Legends Lost questline and get the Perfect Paradox shotgun from the Forge.

The steps are as follows:

  • Complete four Verses and visit Vance.
  • Upon returning, you'll be given a special 'Another Verse' with a quest attached in Mercury. Complete the 300 Power level mission Signal Light - it involves exploring the Infinite Forest and visiting the present - then return to Vance.
  • Collect 2x Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, 2x Advanced Paradox Amplifier, 2x Hermaion Blossom.
  • Complete a second mission - Not Even the Darkness - which again involves a visit to the Infinite Forest, and ends with you receiving Saint-14's personal effects.
  • Take this back to Vance to complete the Verse, allowing you to forge Perfect Paradox.

You can see the above steps in the following video from Arekkz:

Watch on YouTube

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to get Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier and Hermaion Blossom in Destiny 2

To complete the above Verses, you must collect new types of resource - Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier, and Hermaion Blossom, which are found from the following sources.

You can get Concentrated Radioladian Culture from chests on any planet, if you are lucky.

Radioladian Culture sources

  • Public events
  • Planetary chests

Paradox Amplifier sources

  • Strikes
  • Crucible matches
  • Heroic Adventures on Mercury

Hermaion Blossom sources

  • Nightfall
  • Trials of the Nine
  • Heroic Strikes

There are some notes on the above:

  • Both standard and Concentrated / Advanced / Fossilized versions of Radioladian Culture, Paradox Amplifier and Hermaion Blossom can be found from the above activities, though the more valuable versions are much rarer to discover.
  • Activities or chests on any planet will drop the above. The exception are Heroic Adventures, which are exclusive to Mercury.
  • Unfortunately, completing the above activities will not give you a guaranteed drop, so don't expect every Public Event you complete to give you Radioladian Culture, for example.
  • You can trade the 10 standard versions of these materials for the Concentrated / Advanced versions with Brother Vance at the Lighthouse, if you are struggling to see them drop naturally.

As there is no certain place to get them everytime, farming these materials might be a frustrating exercise - and so it might be easier to wait until they come to you as you do these activities naturally.