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Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep dungeon guide and walkthrough

Our guide to overcoming the dungeon below the Seas of Titan.

Ghosts of the Deep is an all-new Dungeon in Destiny 2, sending Guardians into the methane soaked depths of Titan to stop the Hive from completing a ritual with nightmarish potential.

Like other Dungeons in Destiny 2, this is an end-game level challenge geared toward three-person fireteams. It combines powerful enemies with challenging traversal, and complex mechanics designed to test skilled players. Upon successful completion, players are rewarded with unique weapons and armor, and there is a chance to obtain a new Exotic Trace Rifle called The Navigator.

This guide will lead you through every step of the journey, including how to beat Šimmumah ur-Nokru, Lucent Necromancer, in this Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep walkthrough.

In this guide:

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Organizing your team for Ghosts of the Deep

Similar to setting up for a raid like Root of Nightmares, communication will be key to your success. Make sure you and your team can coordinate clearly. Voice chat is really helpful.

There will be segments with a lot of add-clear, boss damage phases, and some challenging traversal sections. It’s best to be prepared for all of the above. Many of the enemies do arc damage, including the final boss, so Risk Runner is a solid choice, but anything strong at rapidly killing groups of enemies is viable. Linear fusion rifles like Taipan-4FR are still a strong option for boss damage, though not the only one. Bringing a Warlock who can drop a healing rift is also helpful. Regardless of how you set it up, you will want to make sure you can cover all of those bases.

The recommended power level for Ghosts of the Deep is 1790, though enemies are as high as 1810. Being properly leveled is very important to make completion reasonable, so be sure to upgrade to your finest weapons and armours before you start.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to start Ghosts of the Deep in Destiny 2 and complete the Break the Ritual encounter

The first time you take on the Ghosts of the Deep you will need to visit Hawthorne in the Tower. She will assign you the quest Rise. Now, open the Director, navigate to the H.E.L.M., and launch Ghosts of the Deep.

This will take you to a location outside of the New Pacific Arcology. The arena is more or less a wide rectangle with the statues and exit at the center-rear. There are a few plateaus in the middle. A sunken room to the far left, and a grove of tree-like spires in the front right. Roads and paths interconnect the areas, and sparrows can be summoned to speed up traversal.

The first encounter is called Break the Ritual. In this case, breaking the ritual means manifesting four statues. Each statue requires the same order of operations in order to manifest it:

  • Gather a Vestige of Light from a Lightbearer
  • Reveal hidden statues using Deepsight
  • Deposit Vestige of Light into the correct statue

First, kill the enemies near the statues. To gather Vestiges of Light you will first need to find and kill an Ogre called the Soulfire Binder. Once he’s been properly dealt with, a faint green trail will lead towards another part of the arena. Follow it and kill the enemies there, including two more Soulfire Binders. There will be a symbol in the air, make note of it, and follow the new trail that forms. This will lead to another group of enemies, slay them, then follow the trail to a final collection of baddies.

This time there will be a Lightbearer, with a ghost that must be finished after you kill it. Whoever kills the ghost will receive the Vestige of Light buff. This lasts for 80 seconds, and will kill its bearer if not deposited.

Go back to the location with the statues, and eliminate all of the enemies there. A special wizard called a Spellweaver will drop a Deepsight Orb. As soon as someone on the fireteam picks this up everyone will be granted Deepsight, revealing four hidden statues. A hive symbol will be visible on each statue. The person with the Vestige of Light must deposit at the statue whose symbol corresponds to the one noted earlier while clearing groups of adds. If done correctly, the statue will manifest and the message, 'A ritual statue manifests', will be displayed.

A new Soulfire Binder ogre will spawn, repeat the process for three more statues to complete the encounter and open the door.