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Dante's Inferno similar to God of War

With a large twist of hell and purgatory.

The first viewings of Dante's Inferno suggest the action adventure will be very similar to God of War.

The button mappings are almost identical, according to the latest issue of PSM3 magazine, and enemies can be smashed into the air and juggled around using simple combos that mix light and heavy attacks.

Magical abilities will also feature, and fallen enemies will spill health and magic orbs that replenish respective status bars.

Quick-Time Events make an appearance too, we're told, and will allow the sort of impressive battle sequences we're used to: in this case a house-sized monster can be scaled and ridden around like something out of the circus.

But what developer EA Redwood Shores (Dead Space) hopes will make Dante's Inferno different is the setting: a contemporary conception of purgatory and hell, which, in this case, will spout twisted monstrosities and unpleasant and eerie scenes-a-plenty.

And with Dead Space as a reference point, our hopes are high.

Platforms and release dates are still to be confirmed. But, what this being a PS3 preview, we can safely speculate on an Xbox 360 counterpart and a PC accompaniment.

We'll be bringing you our lengthy and in-depth thoughts on Dante's Inferno soon.

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