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Crytek's multiplayer swamp horror Hunt: Showdown is heading to Xbox One

As part of Xbox Game Preview.

Kicking off today's special Gamescom edition of Inside Xbox, Microsoft has announced that Crytek's multiplayer swamp horror Hunt: Showdown is making its way to Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview programme.

Hunt: Showdown casts players as bounty hunters of the undead and sets them loose, either working solo or in teams of two, across thick, monster-infested Louisiana swampland. The initial goal each match is to locate a fearsome boss-like entity from the depths of hell. However, once the boss is defeated and the prize is secured, every other hunter on the map will turn their sights on the victors, all in a bid to take the winnings for themselves.

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Hunt: Showdown has been available to PC players via Steam Early Access since February, and it'll join the Xbox Game Preview programme on Xbox One at some currently undisclosed time. Hopefully Crytek will share more details soon.

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