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Crytek's Hunt: Showdown launches on Xbox One spring 2019

Big bounty.

Hunt: Showdown launches on Xbox One this spring, Crytek has announced.

The co-op focused first-person bounty game launches on Microsoft's console as part of the Xbox Game Preview program, which focuses on work-in-progress download games.

In Hunt: Showdown, up to 10 players, either solo or in teams of two, battle against each other and horrible monsters while on the hunt for bounty in the swamps of Louisiana.

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Hunt: Showdown launched on Steam as an Early Access title back in February 2018 and while it hasn't set the world on fire, it was well-received by players.

As for developer Crytek, things have gone a little quiet as the company continues to rebuild itself following layoffs and financial troubles. Recently, Crytek published open world, winter sports game Snow, and the Kiev-based developer of Warface struck out on its own.

Could Crytek be readying a return to the Crysis series? With the next-generation of consoles waiting in the wings, perhaps the time is right.