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Best Faith weapons in Elden Ring

Believe in the Holy power.

Character screenshot from Elden Ring wielding th Blasphemous Blade
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

In the golden lands of Elden Ring, Faith weapons allow you to channel Holy power and fight the shardbearers.

In the Lands Between, from the Scarlet Rot to the Black Flame, different types of detrimental effects and damages in Elden Ring draw their power from specific stats. High Faith figures are not only useful to cast powerful incantations but to also wield fantastic weapons.

Whether you’re considering paving your way throughout the game using a Faith build, or just want to carry a good secondary weapon, this guide will help you. Here, you find a list with all the best Faith weapons in Elden Ring, explaining their positive aspects and how to get these weapons.

Best Faith weapons in Elden Ring

Different from some other types of weapons in Elden Ring that, even though they are the best ones, you still need to practice using them, like a few of the Strength weapons, the Faith weapons are among the easiest ones to use all their potential. In general, you usually want to use Faith weapons for their skills, where the actual damage of these weapons comes from.

As you might expect, these weapons are best suited for Faith or Faith-Strength builds, like the Paladin build, because their damage usually scales based on these two stats. It might be argued that these weapons lose potency as you progress in the game because a considerable number of enemies in the late-game areas have higher resistance to Holy damage. However, if you follow this list and try to get all the best Faith weapons, you will have options to change without modifying your build.

Character screenshot from Elden Ring wielding the Sword of Night and Flame
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Sword of Night and Flame

The Sword of Night and Flame is a fantastic sword that you can find in Caria Manor, a region to the northern side of Liurnia of the Lakes. To know exactly the path that leads to the chest where this sword awaits you, check our Caria Manor walkthrough. With it in hands, you need 12 Strength, 12 Dexterity, 24 Intelligence, and 24 Faith to use it.

The Sword of Night and Flame's best trait is its signature skill, the Night-and-Flame Stance. By pressing LT/L2 in the controllers, you enter the stance that allows you to perform a weaker version of the Comet Azur sorcery when you press the Light Attack command, or a sweeping flame attack if you use the Heavy Attack button. While the damage of the former is calculated based on your Intelligence, the latter draws its power from your Faith. Whereas you end up ignoring the Comet Azur-like ability when using the Sword of Night and Flame, the fire-slash attack is pretty strong and can clear rooms filled with enemies with a single cast. Besides, it causes Fire damage, which is extremely effective against most enemies in the game.

Envoy’s Longhorn

The Envoy’s Longhorn is a great example of how powerful a Faith weapon skill is. While you can perform Light and Heavy attacks with this great hammer, the reason to fight using this weapon is its Bubble Shower skill. By using it, a wave of bubbles are thrown into the air and enemies take damage when hit by them. Because of this ability’s range, the Bubble Shower melts large enemies’ health bars. It’s possible to even face Rykard, God-Devouring Serpent without the special weapon Serpent-Hunter.

The potential of turning large bosses into simple enemies makes the Envoy’s Longhorn one of the best Faith weapons in the game. This weapon is dropped by the Large Oracle Envoy, a type of enemy that you find in Leyndell, Royal capital and in Miquella’s Haligtree. Because it requires 23 Strength, 11 Dexterity, and 18 Faith, this great hammer works well with a Faith-Strength build. Another aspect of this weapon that affects your build is the fact that it forces you to stand still while using the skill. Even so, it’s easy to understand, after learning a fight, when is the best moment to cast the Bubble Shower.

Blasphemous Blade screenshot from Elden Ring with the text "Sacred sword of Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Remains of the countless heroes he has devoured writhe upon the surface of this blade."
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Blasphemous Blade

Very few weapons are capable of trivialising boss fights in Elden Ring as the Blasphemous Blade does. Before you can get your hands on this weapon, you need to first defeat Rykard, God-Devouring Serpent, one of the optional bosses in the game. By defeating him, you earn his Remembrance of the Blasphemous, which you can exchange for the Blasphemous Blade in the Roundtable Hold. This weapon requires 22 Strength, 15 Dexterity, and 21 Faith, which is a small price to pay to use the Blasphemous Blade.

The Blasphemous Blade is one of the best Faith weapons – and the favourite of many players –, because of how strong its skill Taker’s Flames is. When you use this ability, you send a wave of fire forward hitting enemies on its way. The damage of this skill scales with Faith and causes Fire damage, one of the most effective types in the game. This ability can literally finish a boss off with five to six blows. To make this sword even more impressive, you recover HP when the ability hits enemies.

Maliketh’s Black Blade

A Faith weapon that allows a unique and different playstyle is Maliketh’s Black Blade. This is a colossal sword that has a special skill called Destined Death. When you use this ability, your character performs a horizontal slash attack and plunges the sword into the ground making blades of black flames appear around the place. This ability not only causes damage based on Faith to enemies, but it also inflicts a temporary condition that reduces the enemy’s maximum HP and leaves a damage over time marker on them. Maliketh’s Black Blade’s ability doesn’t one-shot enemies, but it makes dealing with bosses who have large pools of HP an easier feat.

Like other Faith swords, you also need to invest some points on Strength to properly use Maliketh’s Black Blade. The minimum requirements you must meet are 34 Strength, 12 Dexterity, and 20 Faith. To acquire this weapon, you might have to wait a while if you’re still in the early parts of Elden Ring. Maliketh’s Black Blade is a reward you gain by exchanging the Remembrance of the Black Blade in Roundtable Hold, which you get after defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade in Crumbling Farum Azula.

Sacred Relic Sword

Probably one of the last weapons you get during your playthrough of Elden Ring, Sacred Relic Sword is an extremely powerful tool for you to explore places and face groups of enemies in your current or in a New Game Plus save. The potential of this weapon is, as you might have already guessed, tied to its skill Wave of Gold. With this sword, you can unleash a wave of holy magic that covers a large area and travels forward for a few seconds damaging anything on its way. Although this is not the best weapon for fighting bosses, the Sacred Relic Sword is your go-to option when exploring new places in the game.

You can only get the Sacred Relic Sword after literally finishing the game. By exchanging the Elden Remembrance at Roundtable Hold, the item you gain by defeating the Elden Beast, you can get this sword. You need at least 14 Strength, 24 Dexterity, and 22 Faith to use it.

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