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Battlefield Hardline's single-player story details emerge

You play as a framed cop who goes underground.

After months of keeping mum about it, Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral Games has finally spilled the beans on what its upcoming shooter's single-player campaign is about.

As reported by Polygon, the developer explained in a San Diego Comic-Con panel that it will focus on a cop named Nick who's been framed following a drug bust gone wrong in what creative director Ian Milham referred to as "desert, Breaking Bad meth country." To clear his name, Nick must go undercover and collaborate with the criminal underworld. As such, we'll see both sides of the cops & robbers dynamic play out.

The single-player campaign will star Eugene Byrd (Bones, 8 Mile) and Kelly Hu (X2, the Scorpion King) in major roles, while Sons of Anarchy actor Benito Martinez and The Shield's Mark Rolston will also play a part in it.

Nashville and Justified writer and producer Wendy Calhoun is on board as a narrative consultant, while performance director on The West Wing and Justified, Bill Johnson, is also lending his expertise to the project.

When asked about Battlefield: Hardline's delay into 2015, Milham said it was "a real blessing, because over time, games are living longer and you only get one chance to come out."

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