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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - unseal the well: How to unseal the well of Urdr and complete the Well-Travelled quest

How to unseal the Well of Urdr in the Well-Travelled quest.

Unseal the well is a key objective in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla's Asgard-based quest, Well-Travelled, and it's a bit of a tricky one on the surface.

The Well of Urdr, to give it its full name, is unsealed by aligning a series of light-reflecting devices, but there are few hints as to which way to point them. With that in mind then, here's a full explanation of how to unseal the Well of Urdr in the Well-Travelled quest.

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How to access the Well-Travelled quest in Asgard

Well-Travelled is a quest encountered during one of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla's main storylines, specifically the one that unfolds in Asgard.

To access it, you need to have upgraded your Settlement to the third tier, Hamlet, then completed the brief 'Wise Friends' quest that welcomes the Seer to your settlement. You then need to upgrade her building, complete another short quest for her called 'In Dreams...', then travel to Asgard in a vision and complete the first quest there, 'View Above All'.

The second Asgard quest is this one, 'Well-Travelled'. Like everything in the Asgard area it's recommended to be Power Level 90 or thereabouts, but in our experience is doable at a much lower level - we completed it with little trouble at roughly level 30, and there's no combat in this quest either.

You'll be tasked with heading over to the Well of Urdr, in the south-west of the map, navigating your way through its caves and, eventually, solving the puzzle of the sealed well itself.

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How to unseal the well of Urdr in Assassin's Creed: Vallhalla explained

To solve the puzzle in Well-Travelled, you need to correctly line up the beams of light so that the two stone recievers around the well itself are all hit by the beams.

How to unseal the Well of Urdr in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla mission, Well-Travelled.Watch on YouTube

Once you know what you're doing, it's mercifully quite simple. Here's how to unseal the well:

  • First, go round the well to your right, anticlockwise, to the first pedestal you encounter there, which has a beam of light coming from it. Turn it upwards towards the entrance and you'll see a stone hanging at the top of the entrance archway itself. Shine the beam at that, and the light will reflect the beam twice: one left to another second pedestal, one right, to a third.
  • Those two pedestals then fire their own beams straight into the walls, for now. Time for you to straighten it all out.
  • Second, head down to the well itself straight ahead, and move the reciever that's just to your left - a column with a glowing orb above it. You'll see some tracks on the floor that it slides between, which come to a right-angled corner. We'll use those for reference.
  • Pull it towards you, anticlockwise around the well, to the corner of the tracks, and slightly beyond and around that corner.
  • The goal here is to shine the beam at this pedestal's orb from the left pedestal you just lit up, which will bounce and hit the reciever just across the well.
  • Third, head up towards the hanging stone above the entrance, and use the pedestal to your left before you get there.
  • Turn that to point its light beam at the pedestal you just moved, down by the well.
  • The light should reflect off it and hit the reciever just across from it by the well. This will probably take a bit of adjusting to get right, as there are some standing stones in the way, but just be patient, keep adjusting the two, and it'll soon work.
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  • Fourth, from that higher pedestal, head around the outside of the chamber, clockwise, to the other one lit up by the hanging stone.
  • Turn that one leftwards to another pedestal just ahead, until it lights up another beam.
  • Fifth, head to that pedestal you just lit up, and turn the beam downwards towards the second reciever by the well. It's a little hard to make out, but is sitting just in front of one of the stones on the left of the well.

As soon as you light up both stone recievers by the well, a cutscene will trigger and the well will be opened. Good job!

To complete the quest itself, you need to dive into the well when prompted by Tyr. Once you've dived in, climb out and grab some water from the greenish podium on dry land nearby, watch the cutscene, then dive down again evenf urther into the water and swim through an underground tunnel.

There's another chamber with a chest for you to loot, then swim up and you're all sorted, back out in the open. Well done.

If you're looking for more things to collect and complete, then see our lists of Treasure Hoard maps and Book of Knowledge and ability locations.

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