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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Eel locations: How to get Eel and add it to the pot for the Ledecestrescire Sauce world event

Where to find an eel for the sauce.

Eel locations are a little awkward to track down in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, so hunting them down can be a little tricky if you don't know where to start.

If you're stuck on the Ledecestrescire Sauce world event in particular, then, and wondering where to get Eel and how to add Eel to the pot, finding Eel can be a pain.

With that in mind, below we explain where to find Eel and complete the Ledecestrescire Sauce world event it's related to, too.

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Ledecestrescire Sauce world event explained - where to start it and what you need to do

To start the Ledecestrescire Sauce world event, head to the north-eastern corner of Ledecestrescire, by the river.

You'll find a small house with a very frustrated Anglo-Saxon man sat outside. He's having trouble making some sauce, apparently, but maybe you can help.

Your task is to find some Eel - just one will do - to give to him so he can try it in the sauce. It's the last ingredient he hasn't tested but he can't find it anywhere.

Once you get an Eel - explained in the section below! - you'll need to return to him, talk, and then add it to the cooking pot hanging over the nearby fire. That'll complete the quest, but there's a little post-script part where you can also carry the jar of sauce down to his store - down a ladder into a square hole in the ground just behind him.

There's some treasure there to grab too, which you might as well while you're here!

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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Eel location - how to get Eel and add it to the pot

Thankfully, there are some Eel very nearby.

After talking to the aspiring chef, turn away from him towards the river and you'll see a short jetty going out to the water.

Head down there, and look closely at the water. You'll see some yellow-ish movement just under the surface. These are Eel!

Look to the top half of this image for the yellow-ish swirls just below the water surface. These are Eel, revealed more easily with Odin's Sight.

How to get Eel

To actually get an Eel, you need to either fish for them, or successfully shoot one of them with your bow and arrow.

To fish for them, hold down on the D-pad and then select the fishing icon in the bottom-right of the wheel. Note that you need to have set up the Fishing Hut building in your Settlement to have access to the fishing rod.

Point the aiming circle at the swirling group of Eel and let fly. Wait until the controller vibrates and the line goes tight, then start mashing X/A on the controller when prompted to slowly reel it in.

To shoot it with your bow and arrow - which is faster if you're a good shot - first use Odin Sight (click in the Right Analog Stick on your controller) and the Eel will be briefly highlighted for a few moments, then whip out your bow and try and hit one - it sounds hard but is actually very doable, just be patient.

If you miss, the Eel will scatter a bit but won't go far - we could still reach them from the jetty like we did here.

Once you hit one, some blood will emerge on the water surface to indicate the fact you've killed it. Swim out and interact with it when prompted to farm the Eel itself. The first one we killed yielded the Eel item, but it might take one or two tries, so maybe kill a couple just in case - sorry, Eel.

Return to the man and talk to him, and you'll be prompted to add the Eel to the pot.

How to add the Eel to the pot

If you're looking at the man face-to-face, turn to about 4 o'clock, on your right, and you'll see a small pot hanging above a fire. Walk up to it and interact with it when the prompt appears (it can be a bit finicky, like a lot of interaction prompts in AC: Valhalla, but be patient). This will add it to the pot and Eivor will give it a taste.

It's gross. But we all know a good Worcestershire Sauce - sorry, 'Ledecestrescire Sauce' - requires fermenting first, right?

Chat to the man for some afterthaughts - he's thinking of heading to somewhere called Worcester, now you mention it - and don't forget to carry the jar that's next to him down to his store for some more Eivor reactions and that chest.