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Assassin's Creed Valhalla - reindeer locations: Where to find three Reindeer Antlers for the A Mild Hunt quest

How to get three sets of Reindeer Antlers for the Mild Hunt quest.

Reindeer Antlers are something you'll likely be looking for near the start of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, as you're tasked with finding them during the A Mild Hunt world event that pops up early on.

Reindeer can be a little awkward to track down - there are fewer of them roaming the wilds of Rygjafylke than you might expect - so below we'll detail some handy Reindeer Antler locations for finding the three you need to complete the quest.

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How to start A Mild Hunt world event in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and rewards for completing it

The A Mild Hunt world event can be started from very early on in the game, when you reach your home of Fornburg.

Head towards the back of the town - to the north-east - and you'll find a woman sitting out the front of a house.

Talk to her, and she'll promise to give you some hunting tips if you complete this innocent-sounding task for her: collect three sets of Reindeer Antlers - if she doesn't continue the story a little further and try again, as the quest should be available within the opening hours of the game.

Turns out, it can be a bit of a pain, but if you know where to look then things are a lot easier.

When you complete it, you'll be given a hint as to where to find a legendary beast for you to hunt - the Great Elk, which is found in the mountains between Fornburg and Stavenger.

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Reindeer Antler locations explained - how to get three Reindeer Antlers to complete A Mild Hunt

You get Reindeer Antlers by, you guessed it, hunting reindeer - only there's a slight catch in that not all reindeer will drop a set of antlers when you loot them, which means if you're unlucky then you'll need to hunt more than just three.

Here are a handful of locations where you can reliably find reindeer to hunt. Remember, it's obviously only worth taking down the ones that actually have antlers. The females, without antlers, are just classed as deer and won't ever drop a set - because they don't have them, obviously.

Reindeer locations - where to hunt reindeer for antlers in Rygjaflke

There are two spots near Valka's Hut, which you'll go to early on in the main quest and can be easily reached by following the road along the shoreline from Fornburg.

The first a few yards to the west of the hut, in the scattering of trees. We found one reindeer here.

The second is slightly east, down a slight hill to another clearing with a thin cluster of trees. We found another lone reindeer here, amongst some female deer.

Another spot is south of the lake where you find Bil's Comb for another world event. If you're heading north-east from Fornburg, it's just before a pair of lakes with waterfalls.

Another good spot is due east of Fornburg, if you climb a bit to get to the woods above the initial few cliffs. We found a couple there but, annoyingly, if you scare them off they'll run off the edge of the map, and you won't be able to reach them to collect their antlers.

Tips for finding and hunting Reindeer

Finally, here are a few simple tips and things just to bear in mind:

  • Reindeer can be found and tracked by using your raven. Press Up on the D-pad, and then hold the left trigger. Look around for any leather symbols, and there's a good chance they'll be Reindeer. Or they'll be wolves, or a polar bear - so do be careful.
  • Reindeer scare quite easily - it can be a pain if they run off, so creep up on them by crouching and be sure to get a clear show with your bow that hits first time. If you miss, or run up close to them, they'll flee, although can still be tracked if you tag them with your raven.
  • Again, not all Reindeer drop antlers, which is a little annoying. For us it was a roughly 50-50 chance, so you'll need to find up to six.
  • They do respawn, but it takes a little while. If you kill one and it doesn't drop antlers, it's best to try a couple other locations, then meditate a few times, and then start the loop from one location to the next again. It's not clear exactly how fast they respawn but it's more than two or three meditations, we found.

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