Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour: Next Spotlight Hour Pokémon and bonus explained

Everything you need to know about Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go. 

The Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go is a weekly event that will highlight one, special, surprise Pokémon and a special bonus effect.

Originally this bonus took place during the Mystery Bonus Hour, but this mini-event was merged with Spotlight hour at the beginning of April 2020.

For one hour, the chosen Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild, allowing you to catch as many as you can. This could help you fill in a missing entry in the Pokédex or find a strong Pokémon for raiding.

Meanwhile the bonus will provide you with important assistance on your Pokémon journey. This could be anything from double transfer candy, allowing you to evolve Pokémon faster, or double catch stardust.

Like with the established Community Day event, Spotlight Hour is designed to get players out playing Pokémon Go as part of a community.

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Pokemon Go's next Spotlight Hour: Time, featured Pokémon and bonuses explained

Here's everything you need to know about the next Spotlight Hour events:

Spotlight Hour dateSpotlight Hour timeSpotlight PokémonSpotlight Bonus
Tuesday, 4th May 6pm - 7pm local time Cottonee
Double catch Candy
Tuesday, 11th May 6pm - 7pm local time Dratini
Double transfer Candy
Tuesday, 18th May 6pm - 7pm local time Alolan Rattata
Double catch XP
Tuesday, 25th May 6pm - 7pm local time Marill
Double catch Stardust

How to prepare for a Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go

If you're planning on taking part in a Spotlight Hour, then there's a couple of ways you can prepare for the event.

The first is to ensure that you have enough Poké Balls and berries. You only have an hour to catch as many of the chosen Pokémon as possible - you don't want to waste it spinning PokéStops.

The second is to ensure that you have space left in your Pokémon Storage Box. Just like with items, you don't want to waste some of the Spotlight Hour transferring unwanted Pokémon, unless the current bonus is double transfer candy.


Thirdly, it's worth checking to see if you have any spare lures. Using a lure will increase the amount of Pokémon you encounter in the wild for half an hour, so, if you use one during the Spotlight Hour, it should also help you encounter more of the mystery Pokémon.

Finally, since Mystery Bonus Hour has now been merged with this event it's a good idea, depending on the bonus, to use a spare Lucky Egg or Star Piece during this hour.

This will further increase the XP or Stardust bonus you receive, which is a great advantage if you're trying to climb the level ranks of Pokémon Go quickly, or to build out your team for the Go Battle League.

Used wisely and with the right Spotlight Bonus, it's an effective way to get XP fast in Pokémon Go.

The Season of Legends is here! Current activities include the Luminous Legends X event, which introduces Gloomy, Spritzee and Swirlix, Xerneas and the Rainly Lure. We've also recently seen a level cap increase - including the addition of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals.

Previous Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour Pokémon

So you have an idea of what to expect in the future, here's a list of all previous Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour Pokémon since the mini-events debut in February 2020:

  • February 4th - Onix
  • February 11th - Spoink
  • February 18th - Increased spawns for all Pokémon
  • February 25th - Spotlight Hour didn't occur
  • March 3rd - Increased spawns for all Pokémon
  • March 10th - Increased spawns for all Pokémon
  • March 17th - Increased spawns for all Pokémon
  • March 24th - Increased spawns for all Pokémon
  • March 31st - Increased spawns for all Pokémon
  • April 7th - Purrloin and double catch XP
  • April 14th - Magnemite and double catch candy
  • April 21st - Wobbuffet and double transfer candy
  • April 28th - Pidgey and double evolution XP
  • May 5th - Shellder and double catch stardust
  • May 12th - Sunkern and double catch XP
  • May 19th - Poochyena and double catch candy
  • May 26th - Bronzor and double transfer candy
  • June 2nd - No spotlight hour
  • June 9th - Patrat and double evolution XP
  • June 16th - Numel and double stardust
  • June 23rd - Clefairy and double catch XP
  • June 30th - Kricketot and double catch candy
  • July 7th - Taillow and double transfer candy
  • July 14th - Zubat and double evolution XP
  • July 21st - Oddish and double catch stardust
  • July 28th - Buizel and double catch XP
  • August 4th - Horsea and double catch candy
  • August 11th - Sableye and double transfer candy
  • August 18th - Venipede and double evolution XP
  • August 25th - Geodude and double catch stardust
  • September 1st - Horsea and double catch XP
  • September 8th - Houndour and double catch candy
  • September 15th - Tentacool and double transfer candy
  • September 22nd - Spearow and double evolution XP
  • September 29th - Skitty and double catch stardust
  • October 6th - World Cap Pikachu and double catch XP
  • October 13th - Original Cap Pikachu and double catch candy
  • October 20th - Shuppet and double transfer candy
  • October 27th - Duskull and double evolution XP
  • November 3rd - Cubone and double catch Stardust
  • November 10th - Jigglypuff and double catch XP
  • November 17th - Meowth and double catch candy
  • November 24th - Barboach and double transfer candy
  • December 1st - Seel and double evolution XP
  • December 8th - Swinub and double catch stardust
  • December 15h - Explorer Pikachu and double catch candy
  • December 22nd - Snorunt and double transfer candy
  • December 29th - Snover and double evolution XP

Here are the Spotlight Hours which occurred during 2021:

  • January 5th - Lillipup and double catch stardust
  • January 12th - Drifloom and double catch XP
  • January 19th - Shroomish and double catch candy
  • January 26th - Phanpy and double transfer candy
  • February 2nd - Ekans and double evolution XP
  • February 9th - Miltank and double catch stardust
  • February 16th - Luvdisc and double catch XP
  • February 23rd - Pikachu and double catch candy
  • March 2nd - Krabby and double transfer candy
  • March 9th - Drowzee and double evolution XP
  • March 16th - Voltorb and double catch stardust
  • March 23rd - Surskit and double catch XP
  • March 30th - Slugma and double catch candy
  • April 6th - Buneary and double transfer candy
  • April 13th - Mankey and double evolution XP
  • April 20th - Grimer and double catch Stardust
  • April 27th - Finneon and double catch XP

Previous Pokémon Go Mystery Bonus Hours

Although Mystery Bonus hour has merged with Spotlight Hour, here's a list of all the bonuses that took place during this mini-event from its debut in February 2020. This will give you an idea of what bonuses to expect in the future:

  • February 6th - Double Catch Stardust
  • February 13th - Double Raid XP
  • February 20th - Double Catch Stardust
  • February 27th - No Mystery Hour event
  • March 5th - Double Catch XP
  • March 12th - Double Catch Candy
  • March 19th - Double Transfer Candy
  • March 26th - Double Evolution XP
  • April 2nd - Double Catch Stardust

Good luck with your Spotlight Hour endeavours!

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