Playstation Archive Page 1574

17 May 2001

Telewest in Playstation alliance with Sony

Together they will be trialling Europe's first broadband console connection

16 May 2001

Here Be Dragons

3DO in press release frenzy

Sony take a big byte

PlayStation 2 owners, prepare for the jump to hyperspace

Kalisto safe

Troubled French developer looks like it's going to survive

15 May 2001

Britney Spears : The Game?

Coming soon to a PlayStation near you. God help us all.

Review | Panzer Front

Review - get tanked with Mugwum on the PlayStation!

Belkin branch out

New line of gaming accessories on the up

14 May 2001

Virgin unleashes Maelstrom

Unreal engined shooter confirmed for Xbox and PS2

Infogrames invades E3

French publisher to demonstrate 35 games, including Unreal Championship and Civilization III

Duke Nukem Forever Nintendo

The Duke comes to the GameCube and GameBoy Advance

Konami's E3 lineup

Prepare for another big list of games!

Next generation Activision titles

GameCube receives a boost, along with PlayStation 2

12 May 2001

Skysurfer does splits

Europeans get exclusive extra features in PlayStation 2 game

Eidos reveals E3 line-up

Ion Storm may be there after all; Core, Elixir and Pyro definitely will be

11 May 2001

Electronic Arts on the up and up

Another publisher reports business up since last year

THQ's E3 lineup blows us away

Quite literally something for everyone

10 May 2001

EA announces GameCube titles

Guess what-- E3 is the venue for the unveiling

Sony announce their own party

ECTS is looking pretty hollow now...

3DO slumps

Blames the phantom transition year

Lucas gives Wan to Xbox

And more including Escape from Monkey Island PS2 from the mega softco's E3 lineup

Activision reports record results

Another nail in the coffin of the "transition year" excuse

9 May 2001

Interplay shatters Trek license

Publisher announces its last Star Trek game, Shattered Universe

Capcom confirm summer PSOne titles

Complete with screenshots and info

Squaresoft announce lineup for E3

It's enough to make any FF whimper with joy

8 May 2001

95 million playing online by 2005

And they'll all be playing Hearts. Probably.

Xbox Manager

Multi-million selling Championship Manager series comes to the Xbox

7 May 2001

Xbox severed

Third person fantasy action game to be revamped for Microsoft's über-console

Final Fantasy about to become reality

Full length trailer for Final Fantasy movie released

5 May 2001

Black Sea Tzars

Bulgaria spawns another game development studio

3 May 2001

One License To Bind Them All

Sierra confirms it has licensed the rights to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

Sony to cut PS2 by £100 in September

Plans to drop price at E3 canned

Midway financials for third quarter

Announces more games, which is what we care about

Dark Cloud descends

Sony announce release date of killer PS2 RPG

Business booming at UbiSoft

Transitional year? Pah!

2 May 2001

Sierra goes Fox hunting

Sierra picks up publishing rights for Fox Interactive games, including No One Lives Forever sequel

Driven to PS2

Sylvester Stallone film gets bam! treatment

1 May 2001