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Agarest War coming to Xbox 360 too

Due out in the spring with PS3 game.

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Aksys Games has announced an Xbox 360 version of SRPG Record of Agarest War is in development.

The game is also in the works for PS3 and had been due to launch this autumn. However, both versions are now due out in spring 2010.

RAW is said to offer "over one hundred hours of gameplay" as you explore "a gorgeous, expansive world of hope and despair". Apparently you get to take a bride - "actually, several brides - and extend their lineage across five generations".

The press release quotes Aksys's Ben Bateman as saying, "In truth, we had Record of Agarest War ready to go up on the PlayStation Network months ago," with an editors' note pointing out: "That's a lie."

Bateman continued, "But when a haggard man emerged from a ball of crackling energy that materialised outside our office with dire warnings from a dark future, we decided to reconsider. As it turns out, a PlayStation Network-exclusive release of Agarest was - or rather, would have been - the catalyst for World War III." We're not making this up.

"The gaming community was torn apart - literally - by this apparent favoritism, and from that schism poured the infinite minions of Satan himself, the Lord of Lies. The man told us, his eyes blank with the 1000-yard stare, of the horrors of this future war. He had been sent back in time, the last hope of a desperate human resistance, to prevent what the people of this desolate future Earth called, simply, 'The Breaking.' As the last spark of life passed from his body, broken and battered by his journey through the time vortex, we swore to honour his final wish.

"This is why Record of Agarest War has been delayed," Bateman added, "So that we may release it on both consoles, and in doing so, save the world."

Record of Agarest War features a collaborative attack system so you can pull off massive combos using multiple party members. Other highlights include an Affection Gauge, which indicates whether female characters fancy you ("If only real relationships were this easy!").

Roll on spring, then.

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