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MultiVersus developer in "arms race" to prevent datamining

But "can't promise that there won't ever be leaks".

Wuthering Waves developer apologises for launch issues

"We are committed to constant self-reflection and improvement."

Feature | What we've been playing - haunted pirate ships, space monks, and chefs

A few of the things that have us hooked this week.

A head and shoulders cinematic screenshot of a white-haired vampire elf throwing their head back with a look of strong emotion. The top of their bare chest is visible, as are the fangs in their mouth. It's Astarion, and he's speckled with blood.

Supporters | Five of the Best: Vampires

Nights in amoré.

Interview | Assassin's Creed composer on the franchise's evolution, and scoring larger, more adventurous worlds

"Doing every Assassin's Creed every year would consume you."

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How to get shiny Echo variants in Wuthering Waves.

How to Fast Travel in Wuthering Waves

Get around Solaris-3 quickly.

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Here's how to get free Astrite in Wuthering Waves.

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How to get more Tides for Banners.

Today's Strands hints and answers for Friday 24th May

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