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Palworld community manager teases PS5 version

They Pal not pass.

Close up of new Pal in Palworld trailer - a little slim green creature with a red mushroom head in na forest of mushrooms
Image credit: Pocketpair

Pocketpair could be bringing Palworld to PS5 sooner rather than later.

Palworld's community manager Bucky recently posted to X, wrapping the word Palworld with black, green, and white hearts.

Palworld | Sakurajima Update Trailer | Palnews | Pocketpair | Summer Game Fest 2024.Watch on YouTube

"I want to add more hearts, but not sure what colour would fit…" Bucky said. "Hmm… How about…"

They then added blue-coloured hearts.

"Looks good I think!" Bucky concluded, adding a cheeky wide-eyes emoji.

Whilst by no means a formal confirmation – which means this is nowt but speculation at this point – fans are nonetheless excited that the addendum of the blue hearts hints that the monster-collecting game will shortly be making its debut on Sony PlayStation.

"WAIT PLAYSTATION VERSION CONFIRMED," exclaimed one particularly enthused fan.

Other fans expect to find out more this coming Thursday, 27th June, when Palworld will receive a major Sakurajima update later this month, adding a new island, dedicated Xbox servers, and more. Pocketpair stated last month that long-awaited features would be arriving in the game at the end of June, with the announcement at Summer Game Fest highly anticipated by the millions of Palworld players.

The update follows the reveal of four Pals arriving this summer, including a cute frog with a stick and a mushroom-headed little guy.

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