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14 minute Watch Dogs video shows off hacking, shooting and driving

Control freak.

Ubisoft has released a new 14 minute developer walkthrough for its highly anticipated open-world hacking adventure Watch Dogs.

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While the last few minutes showing how players can invade each other's games has been released before, the first 11 minutes are all new. This time around we see shady protagonist Aiden Pierce gaining control of a district by hacking into its central operating system's control room. This involves hacking into security cameras to scope the terrain, reading access code panels to determine passwords, sneaking, shooting, and causing forklifts to operate remotely like Stephen King foretold in Maximum Overdrive.

Aiden uses his Bruce Almighty-esque techno powers to prevent a woman from getting beaten - a scenario that ends with a high-speed car chase. You can also use your cyber-wizard powers to remotely hack into a person's laptop and steal their bank info without ever setting foot in their apartment. Because there's no way to trace this crime back to you, it won't affect your reputation the way shooting guards will get you on the news.

Watch Dogs will launch on 22nd November in Europe, the same day as the Xbox One. It will also be available on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U, and PS4 where it will be a launch title. For Europeans that means 29th November, while the US gets it on Sony's console first on 15th November.

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Watch Dogs

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