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Watch Dogs gameplay footage reveals how other players will invade your campaign

Hack street boys.

Fresh footage from Ubisoft's intriguing sci-fi open world Watch Dogs has shone new light on how its online gameplay will work.

Watch Dogs developer Ubisoft previously revealed to Eurogamer that other players will be able to enter your single-player campaign. Sometimes you'll know they're there. Sometimes you won't.

In the gameplay below, protagonist Aiden Pearce chases a player-controlled hacker with orders to kill him or stop his operation. Then the gameplay shifts to show the mission from another perspective - Pearce is now the hacker, merged into another player's world while they attempt to stop him.

Ubisoft posted the footage to YouTube last night but quickly pulled it offline - although not too quick for others to re-upload it instead. This is the internet after all, and hacker Pearce wouldn't have it any other way.

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