Fortnite - Forbidden dance locations explained

Here are the many forbidden places you can dance in in Fortnite.

Finding forbidden dance locations is one of Fortnite's many Weekly Challenges.

Completing it will give you additional XP to help go towards your many Season 3 rewards. Note you'll need to be a Battle Pass holder in order to undertake this challenge.

If you're just getting started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can provide some helpful hints.

How dancing in forbidden locations works

For the Week 2 Challenges, you are tasked with the following:

  • Dance in different forbidden locations (5 total)

Another on the list includes searching between a Pool, Windmill and Umbrella.


Across the map are signs with a dancer with a line crossed through it. If you stand in front of one of these and use an emote (defaults to the B key on PC or Down on the console's D-Pad) you'll add one to your challenge total.

Note the game won't signify you have done this, so if you lose count how many you've done, you must check out your Challenges list back in the lobby.

As with other challenges, you must do these as you play matches (you cannot enter the map without other players), so you'll have to avoid combat encounters as you attempt to find each location.

Note you need to complete the match in order for the challenge to be finished - quitting the match as soon as you collect it won't work.


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Forbidden dance locations in Fortnite

Though you need to find five locations, thankfully there are many more across the map. That said, posts aren't visible on the map and can be easy to miss, so using a map is useful:


Credit HiThereImF on the Fortnite subreddit

As the above map shows, they are in or near the following locations:

  • North of Junk Junction
  • West of Pleasant Park
  • Snobby Shores
  • Greasy Grove
  • Flush Factory
  • Fatal Fields
  • Moisty Mire
  • Salty Sprints
  • Retail Row
  • Tiled Towers
  • North west of Wailing Woods
  • North west of Anarchy Acres

Thanks to HiThereImF on the Fortnite subreddit for filling in the gaps with the above locations.

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