Pokémon Go best Pokémon tier list - Best Attackers, Best Defenders and highest HP, Stamina and overall stats ranked

The best Pokémon and their movesets for competitive battling across both Pokémon Go generations.

If you're serious about Pokémon Go, you'll want to assemble a team of the best Pokémon to help take over Gyms for your chosen team.

Players have discovered that hidden stats mirror those of the games - including the recently added Gen 2 - giving us insight into how Pokémon rank according to their highest Attack, Defense and HP (hit points, health or stamina). As you can imagine, rare Pokemon tend to top the list, but there are a few surprise entries throughout each one to look out for.


But base stats and CP aren't everything. As any Pokémon veteran will tell you, the right moveset is just as important as the right numbers for Attack and Defense. So here on this page, we'll be taking you through a best Pokémon tier list first - which includes calculations on how a Pokémon's respective movesets combine with their offensive and defensive stats for the highest damage over the course of a battle - as well as lists for the the best, strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Go by CP, Attack, Defense, and Stamina.

For the best chance of success, you'll want to combine this page with our Pokémon Go Type Chart and our definitive list of the best Pokémon Go moves with the highest DPS.

Once you have settled on which Pokémon to target, then be sure to read our Pokémon Go CP calculations guide to squeeze out the best possible stats from each capture, so you know which specific creatures to train as you go, and our Pokémon Go guide, tips and tricks page to pick up a few pointers you might not know.

Here, then, is the tier list for the top 15 attacking and defending Pokémon in Pokémon Go, followed by the top 25 Pokémon for each stat, but you can view where all 151 Pokémon stand in terms of stats on The Silph Road's research page. (Thanks to them and for the rankings and individual stat numbers respectively.)

Pokémon Go Tier List - the best attacking Pokémon and best defending Pokémon

Note: as of the big Gym rework update, and the addition of Pokémon Go's Raids, the tier list is in a state of flux. When things settle, we'll update this page, but for now rest assured that it's still useful - the best attackers and defenders, for instance, remain the same. What has changed is the overall tier list, with Pokémon like Machamp, for example, gaining increasing importance for tackling certain high-level Raids. Expect more to come!

Starting with our Tier List, we've opted for an 'editorialised' approach, rather than a ranking of Pokémon by their highest DPS movesets or defensive stats, meaning our own experiences, knowledge, and judgement come into play here as well as the raw stats.

That being said, several sources have been extremely useful for helping us decide: GamePress, PoGomoves, and Gameinfo in particular have all approached the situation in different ways, with calculations varying in depth from complete matchup simulations to more simple attacking and defending DPS calculations, and plenty in between. We recommend you give all of the above a look if you're on the hunt for an even more detailed breakdown of the information at hand - but be warned, it gets complex!

Below, we'll take into account all of the above, along with our own understanding of the general metagame climate as things stand - that means that whilst, say, Alakazam may rank highest for raw damage output with Confusion and Future Sight, it may not rank as highly in our tier list because of some flimsy defences and lack of type coverage.

Pokémon Go Attackers Tier List

RankPokémonQuick MoveSpecial MoveBest vs.Reasoning
1DragoniteDragon TailOutrageManyStrong against almost everything, high bulk as well as offense lets it keep going for some time.
2TyranitarBiteStone EdgeManyStrong against almost everything, but with a few more weaknesses than Dragonite.
3BlisseyPoundHyper BeamManyLasts forever and is very efficient when combined with Max Potions/Revives, but slow to attack.
4MachampCounterDynamic PunchBlissey, Snorlax, Lapras, Tyranitar, RhydonFastest Pokémon to take down Blissey, but won't last as well as others.
5VaporeonWater GunHydro PumpTyranitar, RhydonFlexible, has some bulk, and counters some strong, popular defenders.
6HeracrossCounterClose CombatBlissey, Snorlax, Lapras, Tyranitar, RhydonA good second option for tackling gyms with Blissey and Snorlax or Tyranitar together, as Machamp won't last.
7JolteonThunder ShockThunderboltGyarados, Vaporeon, LaprasGreat counter to Gyarados, as well as Vaporeon and Lapras.
8SnorlaxLickHyper BeamManySimilar to Blissey, versatile and efficient with Max Potions/Revives, but slightly lower defenses coupled with low damage makes it less attractive.
9LaprasFrost BreathBlizzardDragonite, ManyCan cut through a Dragonite quickly, good bulk, but occasionally struggles in some matchups.
10ExeggutorExtrasensorySolar BeamVaporeon, Donphan, RhydonGood specifics for Vaporeon, Rhydon and Donphan. Not many resist its moveset.

Pokémon Go Defenders Tier List

RankPokémonQuick MoveSpecial MoveBest vs.Reasoning
1BlisseyZen HeadbuttDazzling GleamManyAlmost any moveset outranks any other Pokémon. Takes an age to defeat and even whittles down those which counter it like Machamp.
2SnorlaxZen HeadbuttHyper BeamManyLike Blissey but just a slightly faster to take down - still better than more DPS-focused defenders.
3DragoniteDragon TailOutrageDragoniteVery versatile with high attack, countering many glass cannons that could otherwise do well.
4TyranitarIron TailCrunchManySimilar to Dragonite, but with a few more weaknesses to exploit.
5RhydonMud SlapStone EdgeManySuffers from a two double-weaknesses but lasts a while with solid attack output.
6GyaradosDragon TailOutrageManyA double-weakness to Electric, but not many attackers use it. Flexible attacks but countered by Tyranitar.
7VaporeonWater GunAqua TailTyranitarNot as good as it once was, but repels good common Rock types like Tyranitar, Rhydon, and Golem.
8ExeggutorExtrasensorySolar BeamVaporeon, Machamp, RhydonCounters some common attackers and forces opponent to pick a Fire-type if they don't have Dragonite.
9EspeonConfusionPsybeamMachampHuge damage output that's rarely resisted, makes quick work of Machamp, but a glass cannon itself.
10LaprasFrost BreathIce BeamDragonite, ManyWeak quick move, can struggle vs. Tyranitar and Machamp, but counters the common Dragonite well.

Best Pokémon by highest Attack stat in Pokémon Go

RankPokémonAttack stat
1 Mewtwo* 300
2 Alakazam 271
3 Ho-Oh* 263
4 Dragonite 263
5 Espeon 261
6 Gengar 261
7 Zapdos* 253
8 Tyranitar 251
9 Moltres* 251
10 Flareon 246
11 Raikou* 241
12 Kingler 240
13 Pinsir 238
14 Gyarados 237
15 Scizor 236
16 Ursaring 236
17 Entei* 235
18 Heracross 234
19 Machamp 234
20 Exeggutor 233
21 Jolteon 232
22 Kadabra 232
23 Arcanine 227
24 Houndoom 224
25 Hitmonlee 224

Best Pokémon by highest Defense stat in Pokémon Go

RankPokémonDefense stat
1 Shuckle 396
2 Steelix 333
3 Lugia* 323
4 Cloyster 323
5 Ho-Oh* 301
6 Onix 288
7 Mantine 260
8 Skarmory 260
9 Umbreon 250
10 Articuno* 249
11 Forretress 242
12 Tentacruel 237
13 Suicune* 235
14 Mr. Mime** 233
15 Blissey 229
16 Golem 229
17 Omastar 227
18 Weezing 221
19 Hypno 215
20 Donphan 214
21 Kingler 214
22 Hitmontop 214
23 Tyranitar 212
24 Hitmonchan 212
25 Miltank 211

Best Pokémon by highest HP or Stamina in Pokémon Go

RankPokémonStamina stat
1 Blissey 510
2 Chansey 500
3 Wobbuffet 380
4 Snorlax 320
5 Wigglytuff 280
6 Vaporeon 260
7 Lapras 260
8 Lanturn 250
9 Entei* 230
10 Jigglypuff 230
11 Ho-Oh* 212
12 Lugia* 212
13 Rydon 210
14 Kangaskan** 210
15 Muk 210
16 Tyranitar 200
17 Celebi* 200
18 Mew* 200
19 Suicune* 200
20 Piloswine 200
21 Noctowl 200
22 Dunsparce 200
23 Azumarill 200
24 Mewtwo* 193
25 Gyarados 190

Best Pokémon overall in Pokémon Go

RankPokémonMax CP

*These are Legendary Pokémon that are slowly being added to the game. However, they're worth listing now so you can start planning ahead to create the ultimate team.

**Mr. Mime and Kangaskhan are region-exclusive Pokémon and can only be found in certain territories - unless you can hatch them from an Egg, of course.

Note that the stats here do change on a semi-frequent basis with Niantic's patches to Pokémon Go but, at the time of writing, are accurate according to the datamining and formulae found by the community.

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What do these 'best Pokémon' lists tell us?

  • We know that Legendary Pokemon Lugia and Articuno, plus their other first and second Generation Legendary counterparts like Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres and the legendary dogs are some of the most powerful in the game, and are worth capturing if we ever get the chance.
  • Right now, Tyranitar is the new most powerful overall non-legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go, so get catching those Larvitar.
  • Out of the starter Pokémon in overall stats, from high to low, they rank Charizard, Venusaur and then Blastoise, with the Gen II starters ranking as Typhlosion, Feraligatr, and then Meganium. However, note that these change when looked at in order of strength in specific areas like Attack or Stamina.
  • Not every Pokémon who ranks in high up on one stat type does so in others. Blissey, for example, has by far the highest Stamina / HP of any creature in the game, but suffers in other areas so it fails to list elsewhere, and you should bear that in mind when building your squad for attacking or defending Gyms.


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