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Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Getting cold resistance early with warm clothing Warm Doublet, Spicy Pepper

If you're approaching Mount Hylia, this is how to survive.

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild cold resistance is vital if you want to start exploring snowy areas.

One such area is Mount Hylia, which you'll encounter at the start of the game on the way to the Keh Manut Shrine. Without cold resistance, Link will rapidly lose health and perish.

An easy way to get early Cold Resistance is through cooking, so before you set off, here's how to create food to take with you before your snowy climb.

It's also possible to get an item of clothing - the Warm Doublet - by doing a small quest on the Great Plateau that'll save you having to worry about stocking up on warming recipes.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough and guide.

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How to get Cold Resistance early with the Warm Doublet

If you head south of the Temple of Time, there is an area of trees with a wooden hut, with the Old Man outside.

Head into the hut, and you'll find a bed which you can rest in to recover your health, a variety of items for the taking - including Spicy Peppers, which are a key ingredient to make any meal you make come with Cold Resistance properties - and a diary.

Read it to learn of a forgotten recipe - two parts of which are Raw Meat and Spicy Peppers, one part something else - which if you figure out, will get you the Warm Doublet, an item that'll give you cold resistance upon wearing.

The recipe is Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry and the missing ingredient you need is Hyrule Bass. You'll find these in the lake next to the Temple of Time (where you may have found your first Korok Seed). Stand on the island in the middle, and observe the water for a few moments, and you should see fish splashing. Aim and fire with your bow then swim over for the rewards.

As for the Raw Meat, you'll need to hunt a boar. Go to the forest in the northern part of the Great Plateau and they should be abundant. Sneak through the trees, and fire with your bow at the head for a one hit kill. Collect the meat that drops.

Once you have those ingredients - again, Spicy Pepper is on the table in the hut, as well as growing out in the wild - go back to that hut in the south. Talk to the Old Man who will tell you about cooking. We've an in-depth deep dive into the mechanics over in our Breath of the Wild cooking guide and ingredients list page, but the key takeaways are:

  • Toss in anything edible and you'll make something Link can consume
  • The more ingredients means more health recovery
  • Mixing heartier ingredients like fish and meat with grains and vegetables is a good idea
  • Spices and herbs help, while certain ingredients have certain effects, like health and stamina boosts, or warming you up
  • Bugs and lizards can make elixirs and other unusual items, but aren't great for food

Now you know a little about the process, head to your inventory, hold all three items at once, then approach the pot and press the Cook prompt to get the Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry dish. Talk to the Old Man and say 'I've Cooked Something' and you'll receive the Warm Doublet, giving you Cold Resistance whenever it's worn.

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How to get Cold Resistance with a Spicy Pepper

If you want more Spicy Pepper - in case you don't want to do the above steps for a Warm Doublet, or in future when you want to wear clothing without cold resistance and instead choose to get your warmth from cooking - there are a few places you can get it from the Great Plateau.

As mentioned, the hut south of the Temple of Time and where you get the Warm Doublet has a few Spicy Peppers ready for the taking.

While they do grow in various places, if you need one reliable location, then go south of the Temple of Time to a campsite elevated above the water, where there is some growing next to the trees. Note you'll have to clear out two enemies first, but these should be easy to defeat.

Then, combine that with other basics - such as a Hylian Shroom, Raw Meat, or an Apple - and you have a dish that gives you a low amount of Cold Resistance, but enough to safely make your way up to Keh Nanut Shrine.

Later in the game, you'll reach even colder areas that'll require further layers of cold resistance. A great place to double up is Rito Village - which you'll have to access before heading to said chilly areas - who will sell you Snowquill armour.