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Zelda - Maka Rah at Lake Kilsie and Steady Thy Heart trial solution in Breath of the Wild

How to solve the Hebra region trial.

Maka Rah is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named Steady Thy Heart, can only be accessed once you've figured out how to navigate Lake Kilsie in the Hebra region.

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Where to find Maka Rah at Lake Kilsie location

This Shrine is in the north west Hebra region, just on the edge of Lake Kilsie north west of Rito Village and the flight range.

Head to the lake, and you'll find a wooden pier with a boat along the north west edge. Head there, then look at the wall to the north - you'll see the Shrine glowing through a vertical crack.

It is, however, inaccessible, and so you need to find another route in.

As you face the crack, look to your left, where up the short slope is a pile of destructible rocks. Blow them with a bomb (or ideally bomb arrows) to create a gust of wind.

Glide up using it, and look east. On the other side of the lake is another pile of rocks; glide over, blow them up, and create another gust. You need to do this another two times, going anti-clockwise on the edge of the lake. Again, if you have bomb arrows you can chain these from one to the next, otherwise regular bombs will do. (If you have low stamina, you may have to rest between gusts anyway.)

After the fourth and highest pile, look to the west, and you'll see a thin opening at the top of a cliff, flanked by a pair of torches.

Glide over, then drop down into the water at the bottom. Cross the cave, through more water through a low passage, and you'll come to the Shrine. Fight or sprint past the enemies, and head into the Shrine. You aren't done yet though - there are a few puzzles to solve.

Steady Thy Heart solution

This trial is one of the more diverse in the game, with a series of rooms with all kinds of environmental puzzles, as well as dabbling in a little bit of combat.

To open the first gate, there are torches either side. You need to light the left one; you can do this in a variety of ways, but our go-to is to equip a normal arrow, walk the tip into the flame of the right torch, and fire it at the left.

Next is a slowly rotating column covered in spikes, with a safe path you have to navigate. Step on where you can, and press forward whenever there is room to do so. You can't go wrong here, you just need to be patient, and wait until the path has leveled out before you step forward.

The following room has four Guardian Scouts; they are low level, so a few swings of a weapon or an arrow should sort them out.

Use Cryonis in the water to reach the platforms in the far corners - one has a chest with Bomb Arrows, and the other opens the gate ahead.

Next is a corridor seemingly blocked off by wooden crates. However, have a few moments, a giant metal ball will roll through the middle, which you can easily avoid by standing to the side.

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As you climb the slope, turn around and use bomb arrows (or detonate a bomb in mid-air) on the destructible rock above to reveal a chest. Move it to you feet with Magnesis to get a Diamond.

At the top of the slope, grab another chest off the left ledge (containing an Ancient Core) then press the switch to a final ramp.

Spiked metal balls will continue to come down unless you stop the flow by using Magnesis on one at the bottom of the ramp, and placing it to the side.

Now simply run to the top and approach the altar to get the Spirit Orb and end the Shrine.

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