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Zelda - Dunba Taag, Build and Release solution in Breath of the Wild

How to solve the Hebra region trial.

Dunba Taag is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named Build and Release, is a puzzle that involves pushing levers in a variety of ways.

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Where to find Dunba Taag

This Shrine is located in the north west Hebra region, which is the same region as you'd find Rito Village.

It's specifically located in at the Tanagar Canyon that divides this region and the Ridgeland area, on the corner that's more or less south of Tama Pond.

Our advice for reaching it is warping to the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, then gliding off to the east. As you reach the corner of the canyon, you'll see some windmills that tell you you're in the right area.

Simply drop down here to the bottom of the canyon, and you'll spot the Shrine from above. Enter it to start the trial.

Dunba Taag and Build and Release solution

This trial revolves around pushing levers to open doors. Most of these are optional, though doing them will give you access to some bonus chests.

The first part has you freeze a rotating wheel directly ahead to help a rolling ball hit a lever opposite. Do so when the connecting platform is as horizontal as possible; it may take a few goes, but get it right and the momentum will be unhindered enough to open the door.

Head through to the large area ahead. The lever that opens the altar door is on the right side, but let's work on two levers to the left, which both lead to optional chests.

Take the first left and left again, and you'll spot some blocks on the right ledge. You can blow these up using bombs, then use Statis on one of the barrels on the opposite ledge, hit it a few times, and ping it into the lever behind.

However, to make this far easier, just fire a bomb arrow at the centre of the blocks, and it'll go through them and activate the lever behind. The chest you access as a reward contains an Falcon Bow.

The second optional chest is in an area as you turn left and left again from the one above. Simply move the round boulder in the below area to the glowing recess up the short ramp by using Statis and hitting it with a weapon several times. The chest beyond contains a Great Thunderblade.

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Finally, head to the right side of this open area. There are barrels in the corner, and a tall stone wall next to a lever. The aim is to topple the wall onto the lever, opening the way to the altar. To do so, line up a barrel facing the wall, hit it after using Statis until the momentum indicator is as high as it will go (red) and it'll give it enough of a push to knock it over.

Simply run round to the doorway and approach the altar to complete the Shrine.

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