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Zelda - Kah Yah and A Fragmented Monument quest solution in Breath of the Wild

How to solve the Faron region trial.

Kah Yah is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named Quick Thinking trial, is a puzzle that has you navigate barrels through short mazes to place them on pressure plates at the other end. Get it right, and you'll walk out a success.

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Where to find Kah Yah and A Fragmented Monument quest solution

The Kah Yah shrine is located within the Faron region, specifically at sea level on Palmorae Beach, in the south easternmost point of the region. To get there, head due east at sea level from Lurelin Village, or paraglide down just to the south from the Muwo Jeem shrine on the region's nearby clifftop.

The shrine itself is hidden, but the location of both the shrine and the quest to find it are fairly well-indicated: look for two glowing orange pads on the ground, in front of a small ruin.

Revealing the Kah Yah shrine requires you to complete a brief side quest, called A Fragmented Monument. Talk to the man called Garini, found by the two glowing pads, to start it.

He'll ask you to find three fragments of an old monument that are scattered around nearby. They'll glow at night, so wait by a campfire to pass the time if you need the help. Take a picture of each, from close range, to log their location and then return to him. Here's where to find them:

The first piece is just to the East of Garini (to the right, as you look at the shrine from the beach), by a couple of palm trees in a small pile of rocks, at the foot of the cliff.

The next is to the West of Garini, in another cluster of small rocks near the foot of the cliff, this time in the water.

The final one is at the base of a palm tree right at the very end of the sandy peninsula (called Soka Point), that curls out to the south-east of the shrine. If you've unlocked fast travel to the nearby Muwo Jeem shrine, it's actually faster to teleport there and paraglide down from that cliff to the tip of the point, rather than running all the way along it on foot.

Head back to Garini and speak to him, and he'll ask you to solve one last riddle - all you need to do here is go and crouch on one of the glowing pads, and he'll spot you, join in, and the shrine will appear.

Kah Yah and Quick Thinking trial solution

Inside the shrine, you'll be faced with a locked door to the exit straight ahead, and raised platforms with chests behind locked gates, some barrels, moving platforms, and pressure plates to either side.

Start by tackling the puzzle on the left. Go up the ramp, pick up a barrel, step onto the platform when it approaches.

You'll need to weave and duck your way past the obstacles as you go, until you reach the pressure plate at the other end. Step off the platform, and drop the barrel onto the pressure plate.

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This will open the gate back at the other end, allowing you to access the chest. Inside, you'll find a Small Key, which is used to open the locked door and exit the shrine - you can do that now, but there's still another chest to unlock on the other side.

Now head to the puzzle on the other side, and again pick up the barrel and step onto the platform. This time however, you'll need to put the barrel down and do a spot of quick shooting to get through.

First, you'll need to shoot, or hit, the crystal to the right of the platform's path to open the first gate.

Then, once through, you'll need to turn and immediately hit it a second time, in order to open the next gate.

After that, you'll have a clear path the the pressure plate at the end. Pop the barrel on there, head back to the start, and open up the now-accessible chest to earn yourself a Knight's Claymore.

And you're done!

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