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Warzone Secret Trails Intel locations: Where to find the radiological threat and secret code locations

How to complete the first set of Intel in Warzone Season 6.

Warzone's Secret Trails Intel Missions are a set of Intel objectives in Modern Warfare's battle royale mode.

Secret Trails is the first set of Intel Missions for Season 6 and sees you exploring a number of the new subway stations.

Finding the Intel scattered across the Warzone map will reward you with XP, which will help you complete the Season 6 Battle Pass.

Currently, as of Warzone Season 4, you can no longer complete this activity. If you're looking for more help, check out our on-going best Warzone weapons page and the Vanguard Royale meta.

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Warzone Secret Trails Intel Missions and their locations

The following 'Secret Trails' Challenges went live on September 30th, 2020.

Similar to the Intel missions from Season 5, such as New Threats, each Intel step must be completed in sequence.

Intel missions are located within the Challenges area of the Warzone menu and require you to tab to the end to find these objectives:

These missions need to be completed in Warzone matches - any mode will do, whether it's a regular Battle Royale, Plunder and so on. If you're struggling to collect certain pieces of Intel due to the area being heavily populated - the Intel locations are the same for everyone - then try landing near the location and waiting a few minutes before moving in.

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Alternatively, you can play until you've entered the Gulag and use your second match appearance to collect the Intel. If you win your Gulag match, of course.

It's also important to remember that you can only collect one Intel per match, so you can always quit or purposely lose a match if you want to move onto the next objective straight away.

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Warzone Secret Trails Intel location 1: Find the location in the message Ghost sent you

For the first Secret Trails Intel mission, you're given the clue "Find the location in the message Ghost sent you" and the following image for 2,500 XP:

To complete this mission you need to head to the tunnel that sits to the north-west of the Hospital located in E6.

If you're having trouble finding the tunnel, look for the train tracks north of the Hospital and then follow them west into the mountainside.

The intel is a small coin located on the left-hand side of the tunnel mouth - pick it up and move onto the next Intel mission.

Warzone Secret Trails Intel location 2: Metro alarms may have been tripped...

The clue for the second Secret Trails Intel mission is 'Metro alarms may have been tripped...' and the following image for 5,000 XP:

You'll be heading down into the subway system for this mission and the station you'll want to visit is the Barakett Shopping District, which can be found in F7 on the map.

The easiest way to find this metro station is to look for the ferris wheel, which is in the same section of the map. Start heading towards the ferris wheel once you've spotted it and you'll easily spot the metro station located opposite it.

Once you're in the metro station, head down into the lobby and then take the stair down to the left-hand side platform.

Next, head through the double doors at the end of this platform and you'll discover a computer bank, with the intel being the headphone and keyboard located to the right.

Warzone Secret Trails Intel location 3: A radiological threat was detected

For the third Secret Trails Intel mission you've given the message 'A radiological threat was detected...' along with the clue below and 5,000 XP:

You're back down in the subway system again, but this time you need to head to the Verdansk Center station, which is located near the Stadium in H5.

Once there, just like in Intel location 2, head down the stairs to the left-hand platform and go through the set of double doors at the end.

Now all you need to do is head to the far-right hand corner where you'll find a ring binder containing the Intel.

Warzone Secret Trails Intel location 4: A shipment came from the radiological lab

The fourth Secret Trails Intel mission begins with the message 'A shipment came from the radiological lab...' and below image, promising you 5,000 XP for completing it:

Back to the Hospital and, this time, you'll want to head into the building that is located in both section E6 and F6.

Once you've landed outside the hospital building, climb the stairs, which are located opposite the elevator shafts, until you reach level three.

On level three you need to turn left and then follow the corridor that will appear on your left-hand side until you reach a small reception area, which should have a flashing red letter.

Just before this reception area, you'll see a single door that you need to head through.

Inside this room, you'll see a medical barrier with a small red bin sitting behind it.

The Intel you need is in this bin, so head around the medical barrier and collect it.

Warzone Secret Trails Intel location 5: A secret code could open new doors...

For Secret Trail Intel mission number five, you'll be given the message 'A secret code could open new doors,' the image below and 5,000 XP:

For this mission, you need to head to the Farmland in H6 and go to the largest building in the center of this area. Inside, you'll want to head to the door that requires a passcode to unlock it located by the stairs.

Head into this building.

The code you need to input is - 49285163.

Doing this correctly will grant you access to the building and allow you to collect the intel, which is a stack of paper next to a red lamp on the left-hand side of the building.

Warzone Secret Trails Intel location 6: Secrets locked in a vault

The sixth Secret Trails Intel mission begins with the clue, 'Secrets locked in a vault' and the image below, with 5,000 XP as your prize for completing it.

For this mission you need to head to the bank located on the border between F7 and G7 in the Downtown area.

Once you're in the bank, head across the main lobby to the right-hand corner where you'll find a set of stairs leading down into the vault.

Head down the stairs in the right-hand corner.

Inside the vault, head around the main pillar to the back wall and you'll easily find the intel in one of the safes.

With this Intel mission completed you'll be given the final clue 'Nuclear material has been weaponized' and the image below:

Looks like we've got some interesting events ahead of us in Warzone Season 6.

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