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Warzone map changes: Shipwreck, Missile Silo locations and where to find zombies in Warzone explained

Everything you need to know about Season 2's map changes.

Another season, another set of Warzone map changes have arrived.

The headliner for Season 2 is Shipwreck, which has appeared on the coast south and brings with it the arrival of a Call of Duty favourite - zombies.

Elsewhere, we have new missile silos to explore, and other changes to the map which have removed access to certain areas.

This page shows where to find these changes on Warzone's map. If you want to learn more about Season 2's other additions, we suggest taking a look at the patch notes.

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If you want to read more about Season 2, see our Warzone patch notes and Season 2 Battle Pass skins pages.

Warzone's new map image and additions at a glance

The Warzone map has gradually developed and changed since the release of the game with, sometimes small, location changes.

The changes to the map in brief are as follows:

  • New named location Shipwreck, "the doomed cargo tanker known as the Vodianoy has run aground in the low estuary of swamp ground less than a klick west of the Zordaya Prison Complex", according to the patch notes.
  • Missile Silos located underneath three war monuments across the map
  • The closure of the following locations "due to contamination":
    • Subway
    • Stadium Garage
    • Bunkers 00, 04, 05, 06, 09, 11

For that latter, it means any underground locations aside from the new silos are inaccessible. Whether this is during the Outbreak event, or for the duration of Season 2, is unknown.

Exploring the Hills Missile Silo in Warzone.

It's worth noting these additions have led to interesting theories about the future of Warzone. One popular suggestion is the arrival of zombies is a prelude to the long-rumoured nuking of the map - which would make sense considering the addition of Missile Silos this Season. Could the conclusion of the Outbreak event lead to this event, or other map changes over time?

This is of course speculation by ourselves and the community; it's possible the map and zombies will remain long after the event concludes, but there's no doubt Warzone has been building to something for some time now - so it's likely we'll see some kind of change eventually.

Until then, let's delve closer into the major additions of the Season 2 map...

Shipwreck in Warzone explained

Shipwreck is the headline addition to Warzone Season 2's map. Found in the south-east of the map, next to the Prison on the coast, this is a location which you can parachute onto, or thanks to the vessel being split in two, from the ground at the back.

This location is where you'll find Warzone's first zombies, which you can kill for XP and, during the Outbreak event, help you unlock various cosmetics through challenges.

At launch, this area is crawling not only with zombies, but other players, so we recommend being extra vigilant.

Though its popularity should die down over time, if you're keen to explore at the start of the season, we recommend holding back and visiting a little later in the match (perhaps you can explore the nearby Park Missile Silo location, shown in the next section). That way, not only are you better equipped, but there will be fewer players to compete with.

Missile Silo locations in Warzone explained

In three existing locations where monuments can be found, underground Missile Silos have appeared:

These are located as follows...

South-west of the Military Base (below the Jarvdinsk Spomenik monument):

South-west of the Hills (below the Zoszni Spomenik monument):

Bunker south of the Park (south of the Styor Spomenik monument):

Apart from the Park silo, which is found within an existing bunker location, the other two have telltale round entrances from above, which you can parachute or abseil into using the ropes provided.

There might be other ways in to these locations - one of the tunnels in the Hills locations is partly destroyed if you prefer to enter from there, for example.

Each Missile Silo location features a small labyrinth of rooms to explore with some loot to grab, but aside from that, there's not much to discover right now - although we did spot these screen with a zombie-like icon and a number underneath.

We wonder if this screen, or other elements in the silos, will change as Season 2 progresses!

Where to find zombies on Warzone's map

To find zombies in Warzone, head to Shipwreck, found in the south-west of the map next to the Prison.

From the map, you'll notice a new feature - a red strike through the name of the location. We assume this indicates the presence of zombies there. If so, does this mean zombies may also spread to over locations, striking out that area on the map also? This is speculation on our part, but it's a curious addition all the same.

Either way, knowing where zombies are located is useful for completing the Outbreak event challenges, which involves tracking down and killing zombies in Warzone until mid-March through a variety of means.

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