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Visceral outlines changes sparked by Battlefield Hardline beta

"Yes, we are listening!"

The first Battlefield Hardline beta has been and gone. And now the dust has settled, developer Visceral has outlined the changes it will make to the game based on player feedback.

In a post on the Battlefield website, lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser revealed the CMW - the Community's Most Wanted. "Yes, we are listening!" he said.

Changes are being made to movement, suppression, camera shake and vehicles, among other things.

Sasser said Visceral had received a lot of feedback about slow movement speed and the game feeling "sluggish", so it's increased player speed by 10 per cent, and players will get a +10 per cent bonus for running with their pistol out. "It feels much faster now!" he said.

Elsewhere, Sasser said Visceral had received a lot of negative comments about the camera bounce when suppressed, so it has changed the way suppression works so your aimpoint is no longer affected, but your situational awareness is. The Survivalist gadget has been nerfed, too.

Check the post on Battlefield.com for the full list of changes, including this gem: "Stairs in High Tension should no longer pull players into the wall."

"This dialogue doesn't end with the beta," Sasser explained. "We plan on continuing this from now until launch - and beyond."

At E3 last month EA boss Andrew Wilson and DICE chief Karl-Magnus Troedsson told Eurogamer that the company had changed the way it makes games in response to the disastrous launch of Battlefield 4 last year.

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