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Vampire Survivors Directer's Cut real says dev, lots more free DLC on the way

Plus, new "large feature" to be revealed soon.

Official Vampire Survivors art showing a red-eyed vampire next to his identical vampire friend, who is upside down.
Image credit: Poncle

As if a couch co-op mode and a Switch release somehow wasn't enough new Vampire Survivors stuff to be getting on with, developer Poncle has teased plenty more is still to come, confirming everything seen in a recent "Directer's Cut" (yes, with an "e") leak is real and on the way.

Images and footage of an unreleased Vampire Survivors Directer's Cut build shown at a recent event began circulating earlier this month, and Poncle - writing in its update 1.6 release notes - has now acknowledged their existence, explaining, "That's something we've been doing in most events (since TGS 2022): hiding some of the future content for the game in plain sight."

While the developer says the menu screen - and presumably the "Directer's Cut" name - featured in the leak might never actually appear in-game, everything else "is scheduled to be fully developed and released in future free updates." There's nothing like a public roadmap for Vampire Survivors' new content yet, but Poncle confirms "dozens of characters and weapons" are in development for "2023 and beyond" - and to accompany the news, it's shared a teaser trailer giving some of that new stuff a first official airing.

ampire Survivors - Future Content Bitrate-Killer-Teaser trailer.Watch on YouTube

And still on the subject of new content, Poncle elsewhere notes Vampire Survivors' recent engine change means the studio can "finally work on large features that were very difficult, or borderline impossible" to develop using the previous engine. One of these "has been taking shape since December 2022" and will introduce "a lot of gameplay options and possibilities."

There's a "mysterious screenshot" teasing the addition in Poncle's 1.6 release announcement, but those eager for more information won't have long to wait; the developer says it'll "properly announce and explain this new feature" in the upcoming weeks.

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