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Today's Disney Dreamlight Valley update adds premium shop


Disney Dreamlight Valley gets its next major update today, which adds Olaf from Frozen, Mirabel from Encanto, and also extends the game's ongoing storyline.

Patch notes for the update released today also reveal the addition of a premium shop, which will see "rotating cosmetic items like clothing, furniture, premium house skins and more".

You won't find this stuff elsewhere, such as at Scrooge McDuck's General Store, and you'll only be able to buy these things using the Moonstone currency - previously used to unlock the premium season pass reward track.

Disney Dreamlight Valley previously added Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, and also Stitch.Watch on YouTube

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available in paid early access, but is planned to eventually become a free-to-play game. Today's addition of a premium store seems another big step towards that, and is perhaps not unexpected.

While developer Gameloft notes that McDuck's General Store will continue to receive new stock (and does so again in today's patch) as well, it remains to be seen how enticing the items only available via the premium store will be.

As a sweetener, Daily Moonstone chests which offer a small hit of premium currency have been buffed from giving 10 to 50 Moonstones per day.

The game's next major update is currently scheduled for April, when Simba from The Lion King arrives.

Looking further ahead, the game's main storyline will be concluded in an update set to arrive "early summer". Will this be when the game also leaves early access and becomes fully free-to-play?

After that, there's still plenty more on the docket for Disney Dreamlight Valley in 2023 - including the addition of multiplayer, and yet more characters to befriend.