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Titanfall 2 Gauntlet world record broken twice in two weeks

Quick fire.

With Titanfall 2 enjoying an Apex Legends-powered resurgence, so is its superb Gauntlet.

Respawn's wall-hopping assault course tasks players with completing one lap as quickly as possible - and nearly five years after Titanfall 2 came out, speedrunners are breaking world records again.

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In October 2019, speedrunner Cash Mayo set an incredible time of 11.7 seconds, shaving a fraction off Mayo's previous world record of 11.9 seconds:

At the time it was thought nobody would be able to go faster - but last week someone did. Speedrunner Whatevershoe posted an astonishing 11.2 second run:

This sparked Cash Mayo into action, and returned to reclaim the crown with a quite remarkable 11.1 second run:

When Titanfall 2 came out I spent a huge amount of time in the Gauntlet. Not only do you need to speed through the course as quickly as possible, using the game's wonderful movement mechanics in the process, but you also have to down the enemies as you go. It can be tricky to hit each enemy as you move as fast as possible - at least I found it tricky. But it's incredibly rewarding to shave seconds off your personal best.

These speedrunners, though, are operating on another level. As Respawn's director of communications, Ryan K. Rigney, noted on Twitter, at the start of the run Cash Mayo blows up their own legs with grenades to gain speed. No pain, no gain!

From there it's a blink and you'll miss it tear through the course, with each enemy downed before crossing the finish line. Of note: Cash Mayo is playing on PC using an Xbox controller!

The question now is whether Whatevershoe will respond with an even faster time. So far, that hasn't happened. Give it time!

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