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Titanfall 2 speedrunner has pretty much perfected Gauntlet

Apex predator.

It's tough to see how anyone can do much better than this latest speedrun record for Titanfall 2's Gauntlet.

Respawn's wall-hopping assault course is designed to be completed as quick as possible - and three years later, speedrunner Cash Mayo is still trying.

This latest time - 11.7 seconds - shaves a fraction of a second off Mayo's previous world record of 11.9 seconds, set three months ago. Both use a grenade at the start to fling your character through the course at breakneck speed.

Blink and you'll miss it:

Cover image for YouTube video(OLD) The Gauntlet in 11.7 Seconds

A year ago, Mayo was still posting times around a second longer! They now look tired and flabby by comparison! Except they don't, of course. Anything under 30 seconds is pretty darn good. Anything under 20 and you're quite exceptional.

For comparison, here's a good run of the course, at around 25 seconds:

Cover image for YouTube videoTitanfall 2 Gauntlet 25.9 seconds

Back when Titanfall launched, Wes dubbed its Gauntlet "the best thing to do while a video game installs ever" - even better than making a nice cup of tea.

Can Mayo improve on this time further? It is incredibly difficult to see how.