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The Need for Speed movie trailer takes itself very, very seriously

After Aaron Paul failed to win a car on The Price is Right.

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul may not have won a car when he appeared on The Price is Right in 2000, but he's shown them by becoming incredibly famous and starring in his own car chase movie, Need for Speed.

Loosely based on EA's racing series, the Need for Speed movie follows the exploits of a street racer who's framed and must get revenge on his ex-partner.

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It seems to have very little to do with its source material, but there are cars. Cars that go fast. Based on the trailer, the Need for Speed movie seems to take itself incredibly seriously, which seems like an odd move for a film based on a racing series that barely even had a story. With any luck it will be an amusing piece of fluff, but as is, it looks like a second-rate Drive wannabe right down to casting a Breaking Bad star. I guess we'll see how it turns out in March.

It's going to be hard for Aaron Paul to live down his Jesse Pinkman image, and Need For Speed doesn't look a million miles away from his bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold role on Breaking Bad, so if you need to shatter the illusion, check out Paul back when he was but a mere contestant on The Price is Right. Amazingly, he still acts like Jesse Pinkman, if Pinkman were really, really into game shows.

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