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One in three PS4 games sold is made by EA

But will continue to make PS3/360 games for "many years to come".

One game in every three sold for PS4 is made by EA, neighed the EA horse itself.

That's either Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, the excellent Need for Speed: Rivals, Madden NFL 25 or NBA Live 14. Not a bad spread, really.

"We had a great weekend of sales relative to the console that looks like the average consumer tie ratio is about three pieces of software, which is exactly what we thought, and because our super-slate that we've got out there looks like one of every three pieces of software was coming out of Electronic Arts," whinnied chief financial officer Blake J. Jorgensen at the UBS Global Technology Conference, transcript by Seeking Alpha.

"So we're really excited. And essentially [our] biggest worry now is making sure there is enough product in the stores, because the consumers obviously want to buy a software to go with the new boxes."

This is a smug horse.

On the topic of the "Gen4" consoles - the new ones - as he called them, Jorgensen remarked that people don't really understand how powerful they are yet.

"The market is very excited but I still think the consumer doesn't fully appreciate the power of the new consoles," he said. "They're 10-times more powerful than the last consoles, and until you actually get on and play a game like Battlefield, where you've got the depths of the game and the multiplayer component playing against 64 other people... It's an exciting experience.

"And I don't think the consumer really appreciates that yet because they haven't had a chance to do it. And so you'll see over the next six months consumers gravitating to the new consoles because of that excitement."

This excitement will be multiplied in the years to come as developers start to really understand and push the new hardware.

But Jorgensen was clear that EA will not give up on "Gen3" - current generation - consoles in the process, and will make games for PS3 and Xbox 360 for "many years to come".

"Clearly the excitement and challenges are having to do both last-generation and new-generation at the same time," he said. "Doing a new-generation set of titles is always going to be a challenge, but we're trying to also produce Gen3 titles and we'll be producing Gen3 titles for many years to come.

"And we think that the consumer will continue to buy. And we don't know what the prices of Gen3 boxes will be after the new console roll-out, but I'm assuming that they'll start to come down over time and that may bring new people into the market.

"You can't put all your talent on Gen4: you've still got to develop good Gen3 games, and we're trying to make sure that we have a great experience for consumers across all platforms."