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EA Sports announces FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup

UPDATE 30/05 18:30 BST: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup should now be live on all formats, according to EA Sports.

UPDATE 30/05 10:40 BST: FIFA community manager Rob Hodson has just tweeted to say that updates for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 are now live, enabling the offline version of World Cup Kick-Off mode.

However, there's still no word on when the online side - including the Ultimate Team World Cup mode - will be available. "As per the announcement there will be news by 7pm at the latest."

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Final Team of the Season squad available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

UPDATE: EA Sports' own top XI available until the weekend.

UPDATE 29/05 12:15 BST: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup may have been delayed, but you can always console yourself by trying to pack the final Team of the Season, which was released last night and is available in packs until this Friday at 6pm BST.

FeatureThe mystery of FIFA Ultimate Team's rarest items

Forget FUT Legends - we're on the trail of teal cards, the most elusive items in the game's history.

Looking back on my life, there is one very good reason I wish I had been a professional footballer. I can live without the fame and fortune, it turns out, and while it saddens me that I will never appear on Dancing on Ice, I have learned to bear that pain as well. No, the real reason I wish I'd been a professional footballer is so that someday, way down the line, EA Canada would give me a one-of-a-kind player card in FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA Team of the Year players in Ultimate Team packs now

Goalkeeper and defenders now, midfield and forwards to follow.

In addition to crowning Cristiano Ronaldo its world player of the year last night, football's governing body FIFA also named its Team of the Year, prompting EA Sports to update FIFA Ultimate Team with special one-off in-form versions of each of the players selected.

Next-Gen Face-Off: FIFA 14

Achieving the rare feat of platform parity on both PS3 and 360, the FIFA series now takes its first dive onto the succeeding consoles, taking advantage of the spec upgrade with EA Canada's brand new Ignite Engine. On the Xbox One and PS4 versions we're promised more than just a resolution increase - the new technology also brings a sharp increase in player animations, smarter AI, and fully polygonal 3D crowds to replace the sprite-work of previous games. But with this visual upheaval, and the rush to be there for day one of the console launches, has the series' history of platform parity been maintained for the new generation?

To start things off, it's clear from the get-go that the fundamentals of FIFA's design haven't changed, and that the Ignite Engine essentially re-uses the same rendering techniques for player models, alongside plenty of motion capture data we've seen before. This extends to the gameplay, meaning those familiar with FIFA 14's slower accelerating players and balance in favour of lobbed balls will very much be at home with these next-gen offerings. However, eye-opening changes are in effect here - if not always evident under the skin so much as in terms of the gloss spread over the top.

By far the most eye-catching upgrade is the bump up from 720p to a full 1080p native resolution, which we can confirm is common to both Xbox One and PS4. Like seeing any sports broadcast making the move to HD, the boost in pixel definition adds greatly to the spectacle, and increasingly we find we can pick out players by eye rather than resorting to the call-outs from the commentary. This crisp 1080p presentation is something we've only enjoyed on the PC versions of the series so far - though curiously this format has no support for the revised Ignite Engine so far.

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PlayStation 4 PSN game prices will be adjusted ahead of EU launch

PlayStation 4 PSN game prices will be adjusted ahead of EU launch

UPDATE: EA, Ubisoft PS4 games now cost the same as on Xbox One.

UPDATE: The market has spoken: EA and Ubisoft's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games now cost the same across both consoles' digital stores.

This morning Eurogamer exclusively brought you the news that Sony had negotiated a price reduction for FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and Assassin's Creed 4 after it emerged the PlayStation Store versions of these games were £8 more expensive than the Xbox One Games Store versions.

Now, this price reduction has kicked in, and there is price parity across both PS4 and Xbox One - just in time for the PS4's UK launch tomorrow at midnight.

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Xbox One outsells Xbox 360 two-to-one in UK launch

Xbox One outsells Xbox 360 two-to-one in UK launch

UPDATE: Sold around 150,000, report claims.

UPDATE: Xbox One sold around 150,000 in the UK during its launch, according to a report by MCV.

The Xbox 360 sold 70,000 units during its launch eight years ago.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Xbox One outsold the Xbox 360 two-to-one in the UK when you compare both console's launch periods.

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YouTuber KSI dumped by Microsoft after Xbox One launch appearance

YouTuber KSI dumped by Microsoft after Xbox One launch appearance

KSI manager: "Sexism is not something he condones or wants to be associated with."

UPDATE: Olatunji's manager has issued a statement on his client's behalf insisting the YouTuber had changed his ways.

The statement, issued to Eurogamer sister site GamesIndustry International, is reproduced in full below:

Shortly after the 2012 Eurogamer video, KSI pro actively removed it from YouTube and made an apology directly to Eurogamer. He wasn't asked to remove the video in question, but on reviewing the content, he felt it contained potential to offend and thus removed it from his YouTube channel.

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FIFA 14 Next-Gen review

FIFA 14 Next-Gen review

Kick and tell.

There are two fundamental issues with FIFA 14 on current-generation consoles that seem to obscure all other discussion about it. The first is that aerial through-balls can be used to bypass the opposition's midfield with alarming frequency. The second is that the majority of matches feature at least one cheap headed goal. The rest of the game is good fun, if only marginally better than FIFA 13, but that's scant consolation when the other guy gets a free goal in the last minute and it knocks you out of the gold cup.

Aerial through-balls sometimes have a flatter trajectory on next-gen consoles - a result of new contextual animations that see players kicking and controlling the ball in a multitude of additional ways - but otherwise remain stupidly potent. If you're new to FIFA, here's a tip for free goals: hold down the left bumper at kick-off and pass the ball back to a midfielder, watch your striker sprint up the pitch, and then play a lofted through-ball towards him. It shouldn't take more than a handful of attempts before you're giving yourself a free goal-scoring opportunity every other time you start a match.

That's quite bad, then, but on the plus side EA has done something about the headers. The problem on current-gen - even after three patches - is that even tiny players can score towering headers from corners and crosses without the attacking player needing to worry much about positioning or timing. Defending players, meanwhile, often find themselves controlling the wrong player, caught under the flight of the ball or just unable to jump. On next-gen, this isn't what happens.

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New FIFA 14 patch tackles connectivity and freezing issues

New FIFA 14 patch tackles connectivity and freezing issues

Out now on PC. PS3 and 360 versions due this week.

EA Sports has announced that a new patch for FIFA 14 is live on PC and will follow on PS3 and Xbox 360 later this week.

The new patch is part of a concerted effort to eliminate game freezes that have been infuriating console owners - particularly on Xbox 360 - and also goes after a number of other minor issues.

"On freezing and crashing: our game data shows that previous updates and maintenance periods have helped immensely to improve stability but we will continue to investigate these reports internally and with our partners," the game's community manager wrote on the official forum. "In this update, we have addressed connectivity issues, and instances of freezing and crashing in several game modes."

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EA bullish on PS4 and Xbox One launch sales

EA bullish on PS4 and Xbox One launch sales

"Pricing can come down pretty aggressively over the next few years."

With the next generation of consoles nearly upon us, EA, one of the biggest game publishers in the world, has had its say on what it expects from the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sony has gone on the record to say it will shift five million PlayStation 4 consoles before the financial year's end - 31st March 2014.

Microsoft has yet to gaze into its own crystal ball and predict Xbox One numbers, but in a financial call overnight, EA executives predicted a similar number for the console.

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FeatureHas EA Sports broken FIFA 14 by trying to fix it?

The latest patch promises balance but strips out fun in the process.

In this age of games we play and pump money into all year round, developers have to be more careful than ever about how they handle change. Tweak things too little and fans may grow restless and hitch their wallet to another post. Tweak them too much, however, and those same fans may feel the rug has been pulled out from under them and reconsider their options anyway.

FIFA 14 patch out on console this week

FIFA 14 patch out on console this week

UPDATE: Out on Xbox 360 now. PS3 soon.

UPDATE: The FIFA 14 update is out now for Xbox 360, EA Sports has announced. It'll be released on PS3 soon.

ORIGINAL STORY: EA Sports will this week release the much anticipated FIFA 14 patch to consoles that should make it harder to score a goal.

Following complaints from players, EA Sports has tweaked key gameplay techniques, including lofted through balls, attacking headers and finesse shots.

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UK chart: FIFA 14 sales down on last year's FIFA 13 by 24%

UK chart: FIFA 14 sales down on last year's FIFA 13 by 24%

Possibly due to GTA5. Possibly due to next-gen transition.

FIFA 14 has entered the UK chart at number one, but launch week sales were down 24 per cent compared to FIFA 13.

Chart-Track suggests this may be down to "all the money spent last week", referencing the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 the week prior. GTA5 is the biggest game of all time based on week one sales.

Chart-Track also suggests FIFA 14 may have suffered as a result of releasing during a console transition, saying, "consumers may be delaying this purchase until PS4/Xbox One versions are available".

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EA investigating overpowered attacking in FIFA 14

Issues day-one patch to improve stability in the meantime.

EA Sports is considering gameplay tweaks to FIFA 14 to address several attacking options that feel overpowered to people playing the demo and early access version of the game.

FIFA 14 review

FIFA 14 review

Winning without playing well?

For a growing number of people, myself included, EA Sports' goal of forcing FIFA into every gap in our lives has already been achieved. When I wake up I set player auctions on my phone. When I get to work I use the web app to check their progress. At lunchtime I play 2v2 with the guys from sales. When I get home I play a few online tournament games. On slow weekends I throw down some micro-transactions and build a new team. When I'm not doing that, I'm watching YouTubers. (I'm a particular fan of Itani's Five Pack Challenge.)

Ultimate Team is the key - a mode so good that it has become FIFA's most prominent, and so successful that it has propelled EA Sports' Andrew Wilson to CEO of the whole company. For anyone who has never tried it, Ultimate Team involves buying blind packs of cards, which represent players and consumables, and assembling a fantasy team with them. You then take part in tournaments and trade items with other players either in-game or using companion apps. Packs can be bought using in-game currency earned from trades and games played or by spending real money on micro-transactions. All the right licences and slick, gratifying gameplay keep it interesting for months.

Years, in fact. It's often said that people play football games all year round, but I played Ultimate Team in FIFA 13 pretty much until FIFA 14 arrived for review. EA introduces regular new tournaments that coax you into trying new players and team concepts, while special packs are released for sale during happy hour events and the contents of packs are refreshed with upgraded Team of the Week players, nicknamed 'in-forms', throughout the year that follows the game's release. They're rare to come by in packs and expensive on the transfer market, but even if I can't have the card myself, I can still enjoy the likes of IF Aubameyang vicariously through YouTube videos.

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3DS FIFA 14 has "no updates to gameplay or modes"

Are updated kits and team sheets enough to tempt you out of £40 (eShop) for FIFA 14 on 3DS?

EA seems to think so, because those are the only differences between year's version and last year's FIFA 13.

"FIFA 14 Legacy Edition delivers unmatched authenticity that reflects the current football season with updated kits and rosters but no updates to gameplay or game modes," stated a Nintendo press release sent out this morning.

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Battlefield 4 open beta release date announced

Battlefield 4 open beta release date announced

UPDATE: early access 1st Oct. Everyone else, 4th Oct.

UPDATE: EA has clarified exactly when you'll be able to play the Battlefield 4 open beta.

Anyone can download and play the beta on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from 4th October.

However, you can gain early access from 1st October if:

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Xbox One release date announced

Xbox One release date announced

UPDATE: Retailers list loads of different bundles.

UPDATE: Now that the Xbox One release date has been announced retailers like ShopTo and GAME have begun taking pre-orders.

There are several bundle options available. The Day One Edition of Xbox One already comes with a digital copy of FIFA 14, a commemorative controller, wired headset, wireless controller and HDMI cable. Additionally, Shopto has bundles that include Battlefield 4 and £15 of Xbox Live credit for £489.85; a copy of Forza Motorsport 5 and a year subscription of Xbox Live Gold for £499.85; Dead Rising 3 with the same Gold subscription for £519.85; or a second wireless controller with a year-long Gold subscription for £504.85.

Curiously, both Game and Amazon have a listings for an Xbox One Day One Edition that includes Forza Motorsport 5 instead of FIFA 14 for the same standard price of £429.99. My hunch is that this isn't a proper Day One edition, but rather the standard Xbox One with Forza included in lieu of FIFA, but I'm following up with Microsoft to see if this is the case. More on that when I hear back.

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FIFA 14 on Vita is another reskin

"It'll be the same great gameplay," say EA

FIFA is coming to the Vita for the third year in a row with FIFA 14 - and it'll essentially be the same game that accompanied the launch of Sony's handheld.

Xbox One FIFA bundle was not a reaction to E3 criticism

EA's David Rutter also explains how FUT Legends will work.

Microsoft's big Gamescom announcement this year was the news that people who pre-order Xbox One in Europe get FIFA 14 free, but the game's executive producer David Rutter has denied that the bundle was thought up by the platform holder to help ease price concerns after E3.

Full list of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends

The 40 players exclusive to Xbox FUT gold packs.

Earlier today Microsoft and EA Sports announced that people who pre-order Xbox One get FIFA 14 free and that the Xbox versions would also see exclusive "Legends" in Ultimate Team gold packs - famous players of the past whose stats in-game would capture the peak of their form.

FIFA 14 demo release date announced

FIFA 14 demo release date announced

Co-op Seasons mode unveiled.

The FIFA 14 demo releases on PC and Xbox 360 on 10th September worldwide, and on PlayStation 3 on 11th September in Europe and on 10th September in North America, EA Sports has announced.

FIFA developer David Rutter took to the stage at Gamescom today to unveil new mode Co-op Seasons, which works like the established Seasons mode, except you can play with a friend online against two other friends in 2v2 ranked online play, climbing up to division one.

Elsewhere, Match Day has expanded to Seasons and Co-op Seasons, so you're connected to real world football as you play. Expect injuries, suspensions and player form changing throughout the season based on real events.

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Pre-order Xbox One and get FIFA 14 free

Xbox also gets exclusive legendary players in FUT gold packs.

Microsoft and EA Sports have confirmed yesterday's rumour that pre-ordered Xbox Ones in Europe will include a digital copy of FIFA 14 at no extra cost "while stocks last".

Xbox One to launch with FIFA 14 in Europe - rumour

UPDATE: Confirmed!

Original story: Xbox One is rumoured to come bundled with FIFA 14 at no additional cost in Europe.

According to MCV, a couple of "senior games industry sources" said this will be revealed at Gamescom tomorrow. Until then, Microsoft and EA are staying mum.

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Live: EA Gamescom Conference

The latest on BF4, FIFA 14 and the unveiling of The Sims 4. Watch it back and read our live coverage.

The latest on BF4, FIFA 14 and the unveiling of The Sims 4. Watch it back and read our live coverage.

Don't expect FIFA 14 Kinect motion controls

Voice commands will be improved though.

Microsoft has improved the accuracy of Kinect for Xbox One, and will bundle the device with the next-generation console, but that doesn't mean we'll see motion control in every game.

FIFA 14 confirmed for PC, PS2, Wii, iOS, Android, everything but Wii U

EA has announced FIFA 14 for every format except Wii U.

There's a version for PC, PS2, Wii, 3DS, PSP, Vita, iOS devices, Android devices, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

EA had maintained it wasn't supporting Wii U because Nintendo's new console couldn't handle Frostbite 2, let alone Frostbite 3. But given the breadth of platforms FIFA 14 will be released on, this argument looks less watertight.

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FIFA 14 preview: A different game, but not necessarily a better one

Short-blanket syndrome: a term used to describe having inadequate resources to deal with a fixed problem. It's cold, you're in bed, your blanket is a just a bit too small. Either your feet or your shoulders will get cold. All you can do is choose which way to suffer.

I couldn't help but think of this phrase while playing FIFA 14. Hundreds of thousands of hours have been poured into the franchise to get it to the point where it stands now, and the fundamentals of the game's mechanics - the very foundations upon which this towering behemoth has been built - are resolutely fixed.

Most of these foundations, of course, are based in the rules of football themselves. Others have been found through a process of trial and error. Camera angles, instant replays, celebrations: here to stay, you would have thought. User-controlled diving, trialled in FIFA 99, didn't really work. The 'hack' button - pressing R1 to scythe down a player for an instant red card, from FIFA 2001, was quickly abandoned. FIFA International Soccer was released 20 years ago this July and, by and large, the most important parts of making a good football game have been worked out. So, in a business model where people have to buy a new game each year, what are you left with?

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FIFA 14 release date, pre-order bonuses, Limited, Ultimate and Collector's Edition announced

FIFA 14 launches across Europe on 27th September 2013, EA has announced.

If you pre-order on PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 you'll get gold packs for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

These are divided up as so: pre-order the Ultimate Edition at and you'll get 24 Ultimate Team gold packs - one per week for 24 weeks. This offer includes instant access to historic kits and new celebrations, Virtual Pro Boosters, and an adidas All-Star Team featuring Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

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Exclusive FIFA 14 Ultimate Team content for Xbox One

Exclusive FIFA 14 Ultimate Team content for Xbox One

EA Sports announces new Ignite engine at Microsoft's bash.

EA Sports announced exclusive FIFA 14 Ultimate Team content for Xbox One moments ago. Exactly what that will be we'll have to wait and find out.

The EA FIFA Twitter account specified that FIFA Ultimate Team will of course be coming to PS4 as well, but there will be exclusive content for Xbox one.

EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson also announced the new Ignite game engine at the event, which can handle 10-times more animation depth and detail, 3D crowds (at long last) and four-times more AI calculations per second.

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EA announces FIFA 14 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

EA has announced FIFA 14 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It launches this autumn.

In its official marketing material EA failed to mention the Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation 4, but did add that "additional platforms" would be revealed in the months ahead.

New features for this year's game include Pure Shot and a new ball physics system. There's more over at Eurogamer's preview, based on an event held by EA at its Guildford, UK office.

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Throughout FIFA's golden period, which has been in effect from FIFA 09 or 10, depending on your point of view, I've found a constant: once the new game comes out you quickly get used to it and then you wonder how you ever played the last version in the first place. Changes are almost always for the better (even the sometimes hilarious Player Impact Engine has proved itself a valuable addition). When the dust of the arguments around new features and gameplay tweaks settles, almost everyone is left happily playing the latest version. With FIFA, there's no going back.