Final Team of the Season squad available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

UPDATE: EA Sports' own top XI available until the weekend.

EA celebrates FIFA Ultimate Team's birthday by giving away free packs

Five untradeable Rare Gold packs and other treats for FIFA 14 players.

Final Team of the Season squad available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

UPDATE: EA Sports' own top XI available until the weekend.

EA celebrates FIFA Ultimate Team's birthday by giving away free packs

Five untradeable Rare Gold packs and other treats for FIFA 14 players.

Reclusive Rockstar accepts BAFTA Fellowship with speech

"We always try to bite off more than we can chew."

Feature | The mystery of FIFA Ultimate Team's rarest items

Forget FUT Legends - we're on the trail of teal cards, the most elusive items in the game's history.

FIFA Team of the Year players in Ultimate Team packs now

Goalkeeper and defenders now, midfield and forwards to follow.

UK chart: FIFA 14 kicks off new year top 40

GTA5 now fourth biggest-selling game ever.

FIFA 14 is UK Christmas 2013 number one

Call of Duty settles for second place.

PlayStation 4 PSN game prices will be adjusted ahead of EU launch

UPDATE: EA, Ubisoft PS4 games now cost the same as on Xbox One.

A new generation: a new price-point for games

"The market will determine what's appropriate over time."

EA PS4 games cost an eye-watering £63 from PlayStation Store

UPDATE: EA cuts PS4 game prices by £3, but they're still £5 more than on Xbox One.

Xbox One outsells Xbox 360 two-to-one in UK launch

UPDATE: Sold around 150,000, report claims.

YouTuber KSI dumped by Microsoft after Xbox One launch appearance

KSI manager: "Sexism is not something he condones or wants to be associated with."

Beware the Xbox One FIFA 14 controller bug

And bootflow issue. Day one update due.

One in three PS4 games sold is made by EA

But will continue to make PS3/360 games for "many years to come".

New FIFA 14 patch tackles connectivity and freezing issues

Out now on PC. PS3 and 360 versions due this week.

EA bullish on PS4 and Xbox One launch sales

"Pricing can come down pretty aggressively over the next few years."

Feature | Has EA Sports broken FIFA 14 by trying to fix it?

The latest patch promises balance but strips out fun in the process.

FIFA 14 patch out on console this week

UPDATE: Out on Xbox 360 now. PS3 soon.

UK chart: FIFA 14 sales down on last year's FIFA 13 by 24%

Possibly due to GTA5. Possibly due to next-gen transition.

EA's new boss Andrew Wilson makes a few changes

Hands EA Sports to Söderlund, Mobile to Gibeau.

EA investigating overpowered attacking in FIFA 14

Issues day-one patch to improve stability in the meantime.

Review | FIFA 14 review

Winning without playing well?

Battlefield 4 open beta release date announced

UPDATE: early access 1st Oct. Everyone else, 4th Oct.

FIFA 14 and PES 2014 demos go live

UPDATE: PES 2014 demo out now on EU PSN.

Xbox One release date announced

UPDATE: Retailers list loads of different bundles.

GAME promises £40 trade-in when you upgrade COD, BF4, FIFA 14

UPDATE: Original game must have been bought from the retailer.

Gareth Bale remains FIFA 14 UK cover star despite transfer to Real Madrid

UPDATE: EA releases new cover, with Bale in Real Madrid's kit.

EA insists it's not favouring Microsoft over Sony

Despite Titanfall exclusivity and FIFA 14 Xbox One deal.

What's the difference between current-gen and next-gen FIFA?

1080p, crowds, psychic players and 'a lot of graphics.'

FIFA 14 on Vita is another reskin

"It'll be the same great gameplay," say EA

Xbox One FIFA bundle was not a reaction to E3 criticism

EA's David Rutter also explains how FUT Legends will work.

Full list of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends

The 40 players exclusive to Xbox FUT gold packs.

FIFA 14 demo release date announced

Co-op Seasons mode unveiled.

Pre-order Xbox One and get FIFA 14 free

Xbox also gets exclusive legendary players in FUT gold packs.

Live: EA Gamescom Conference

The latest on BF4, FIFA 14 and the unveiling of The Sims 4. Watch it back and read our live coverage.

New FIFA Ultimate Team 14 adds player chemistry styles

Boost attributes in FIFA's most popular mode.

Gareth Bale joins Messi on the cover of FIFA 14

EA will be hoping Spurs star stays at Spurs.

Feature | EA and Nintendo: the collapse of the "unprecedented relationship"

"Our job as game creators and executives is to be where the gamers are."

Don't expect FIFA 14 Kinect motion controls

Voice commands will be improved though.

What EA Sports' new Ignite engine means for a game like FIFA 14

3D crowds that boo? Players that hurry when they're losing?

Exclusive FIFA 14 Ultimate Team content for Xbox One

EA Sports announces new Ignite engine at Microsoft's bash.

EA extends FIFA licensing agreement until happily ever after

Well, 2022, where there be spaceships and lasers.

Madden NFL 25 the latest EA game to skip Wii U - what now for FIFA 14?

UPDATE: EA confirms no FIFA 14 for Wii U following "disappointing" FIFA 13 sales.

Business as usual at Respawn as EA layoffs hit hard

"These are hard but essential changes."