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YouTuber KSI dumped by Microsoft after Xbox One launch appearance

KSI manager: "Sexism is not something he condones or wants to be associated with."

UPDATE: Olatunji's manager has issued a statement on his client's behalf insisting the YouTuber had changed his ways.

The statement, issued to Eurogamer sister site GamesIndustry International, is reproduced in full below:

Olajide KSI Olatunji.

ORIGINAL STORY: Microsoft has severed all ties with popular British YouTuber Olajide "KSI" Olatunji after the company was criticised for employing him to promote the launch of Xbox One.

Olatunji, whose FIFA-focused YouTube channel has over four million subscribers, performed on stage with rapper Sway last night at the UK Xbox One launch event in Leicester Square, London.

Olatunji is no stranger to controversy. In 2012 he was banned from attending future Eurogamer Expo events for his behaviour towards women during the show, and he has also been widely criticised for his "rape face" videos.

Cover image for YouTube video

Today, VideoGamer.com's Matt Lees published a video, below, questioning Microsoft's decision to hire Olatunji. The video sparked much discussion on social networks, and now Microsoft has reacted by pledging not to work with Olatunji again, although it stopped short of apologising for the PR gaffe.

"At the Xbox One launch in London last night, KSI performed a song with three other artists, which was one part of a ten-hour event featuring a main stage show, Xbox One gameplay, and a midnight launch for hundreds of our fans," a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer sister site GamesIndustry International.

"This does not represent Microsoft's endorsement of KSI's personal views, and we are not planning on working with KSI in the future."

According to GI, Microsoft executive Phil Harrison was not aware of Olatunji's reputation until shortly before the launch event began last night.

Olatunji is yet to comment on the issue.

For VideoGamer.com, today's developments may have wider implications. The website's initial video was removed from YouTube following a copyright claim by KSIOlajidebt LTD, and as a result is faced with the possibility of not being able to monetise its videos for the next six months.

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