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Full length trailer for the Need for Speed movie looks stupid/amazing

I will get my revenge! But first let's race!

The upcoming Need for Speed movie has received an extended trailer showing the exploits of Jess- Aaron Paul as he races cars. Not for money. Not for love. But for revenge. And possibly fun too, because boy does it looks fun.

The actual plot is apparently about a mechanic (Paul) framed for manslaughter who decides to take revenge on the wealthy NASCAR racer who put him in prison - but not before first beating him in a colossal underground street race, like ya do.

Seriously, that's the plot. Does it matter, though? The car chases look genuinely thrilling with some pretty slick action choreography by stuntman-cum-director Scott Waugh. Plus it successfully makes the viewer want to play the games, which is a good thing as Need for Speed: Rivals is out this month and if Martin Robinson's review of it is anything to go by, it's kind of wonderful. You can even acquire Paul's signature Ford Mustang GT in it. Heck, the movie trailer even makes me want to toss its music, Muse's Butterflies and Hurricanes, onto the game's soundtrack. And what do you know, it's on Sony's answer to Spotify, Music Unlimited. Synergy!

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