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Thanos is coming to Fortnite's item shop

How about half off?

Fortnite and Marvel's marriage of money-making will soon continue with the arrival of Thanos himself to the game's item shop.

Thanos has appeared in Fortnite before, of course, as part of a previous Avengers mode where playing as the Mad Titan made you deliberately overpowered.

Three years on from that mode's appearance, however, you'll soon be able to obtain Thanos for keeps.

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Unlike some other Fortnite crossovers, this is the MCU-licensed Thanos, rather than his comic book equivalent. Look at that chin! We've missed you, fella.

As with other recent high profile additions, a tournament cup will be held in Thanos' honour with top teams able to get the skin for free. Otherwise, a small amount of participation will get you a Thanos spray.

That cup will kick off next week, on 21st June. After Fortnite's next patch, Thanos will then arrive in Fortnite's item shop at its 1am UK time refresh on Sunday 26th June.

Why is Thanos arriving now? Well, Fortnite has more or less wrapped up its Batman comics crossover, so it makes sense for the game to ping-pong back into Marvel territory for a bit. Black Widow is finally coming to cinemas, of course, and Fortnite recently teased a Loki skin was also on the way, tying into the new Disney+ show. Also, money. Also, I will probably buy this.

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