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Team Bondi ponders L.A. Noire DLC plans

Culled burglary, fraud cases reinstated?

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Cut content in L.A. Noire could be re-instated as DLC, developer Team Bondi has revealed.

Two types of cases were removed from the title - burglary and bunko. The latter is 1940s slang for swindling, in case you were wondering.

Each desk contains multiple cases for players to investigate, suggesting a hefty amount of material didn't graduate from the academy.

"We've got two full desks – burglary and bunko – that never made it into the game," Team Bondi founder Brendan McNamara told 1UP. "We've been thinking those and whether we'll do them."

While Team Bondi decide what DLC to develop, Rockstar is already pushing ahead with its own downloadable content plans.

Next week brings the mysterious Rockstar Pass for Xbox Live. The day-one add-on promises to "take your L.A. Noire experience to the next level."

Could it contain the various pre-order exclusives spread between retailers? Together that would entail several new cases and outfits. Whatever it is, expect to be charged 800 Points (£6.80) for the privilege.

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