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Takeuchi doesn't expect to do Resi 6

Reckons somebody else will get the gig.

Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has said he doesn't expect to be in charge of the next game in the survival horror series, and nor does his fellow producer Masachika Kawata.

There was no suggestion during Takeuchi's Comic-Con fan panel appearance that this was down to poor results or anything - after all, Resident Evil 5 sold millions, and more importantly still has a phone-booth advert round the corner from my house four months later.

But according to Kotaku he said, "it doesn't appear as though either of us is going to be in charge", having joked that he and Kawata were "playing blackjack to decide who is going to be stuck with the responsibility".

Resident Evil 5 sold very strongly, and topped the charts, although some criticised its action-heavy approach, arguing it was perhaps losing touch with its origins. And by some I mean me. I thought that.

So did Kristan, a bit, as you can see in our Resident Evil 5 review from earlier in the year.