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It looks like Super Mario Maker has a new hardest level

Bomb Voyage creator returns with even trickier challenge.

Two days ago the Super Mario Maker community marvelled at Bomb Voyage, an excruciatingly difficult level that was finally beaten after 11,000 attempts from players across the world.

Now, Bomb Voyage creator PangeaPanga is back with a follow-up - Pit of Panga: P-Break.

Where Panga's first level required you to juggle and jump on bombs, this new spiritual successor sees you tackling the Mario series' P-switches.

You'll also need to spin-jump across Spinys and be proficient with Shell Helmet Mario. Oh, and you'll need plenty of luck.

As of writing, it has yet to be beaten by anyone else in the world.

Mario Maker levels have to be beaten by their creators before they are allowed to be uploaded. The footage below shows Panga finally completing his own level, and the download code being created for others to try it themselves.

Good luck!

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