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Super Mario Maker headed to 3DS

But without online course sharing.

Excellent build-your-own-Mario-game toolkit Super Mario Maker will launch for 3DS on 2nd December.

Originally released last year for Wii U, the creation station is a perfect fit for the 3DS' stylus and touchscreen.

But Super Mario Maker's big online sharing feature, which let you swap and download levels made by friends and talented creators around the world, will not be present.

Cover image for YouTube videoNintendo 3DS Direct - 01.09.2016

It's hard to believe it, but Mario Maker for 3DS will only let you download and play select courses already made on Wii U, and not on 3DS.

There are a couple of new features, however - Mario Maker on 3DS will let you download and share unfinished levels via local wireless, meaning your courses can also be built collaboratively.

A selection of Nintendo-designed courses has also been included with new challenges.