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An elegant level editor that offers real insight into three decades of platforming brilliance.

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Two of Nintendo's biggest Wii U games get updates today

Two of Nintendo's biggest Wii U games get updates today

Key additions for Mario Maker, Splatoon.

Splatoon and Mario Maker, two of Nintendo's biggest Wii U games, get shiny new updates today.

Mario Maker gains a half dozen new items, including screen-filling Skewers (shake a Thwomp to make one appear) and Keys, allowing you to create more complicated levels (shake a P-Switch to place a Key instead).

With the addition of Keys, Nintendo has also added Key Doors and the ability to place Keys in blocks or assign them to enemies - so you have to defeat a boss before one drops, for example. There are also new Pink Coins - collect all of these to also get a Key to drop.

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Watch yet another mind-blowing Super Mario Maker level conquered

Plus a stage that took 108 hours for its designer to defeat.

One of the chief joys of Super Mario Maker isn't playing it, nor designing levels, but simply watching other, more dedicated players, tackle the fiendish challenges only the most devious of designers can concoct. The latest in this saga of sadistic stages is Jordan O'Hara's Time for a T-Break, which debuted on 2nd December and has only recently been bested by someone on YouTube.

Super Mario Maker's most challenging level has been beaten

By the creator of Bomb Voyage and Pit of Panga: P-Break.

Super Mario Maker fanatic and sadistic level designer PangaeaPanga is infamous for crafting nigh impossible challenges. His Bomb Voyage stage took over 11k attempts to complete, while his follow-up Pit of Panga: P-Break was touted as the hardest Super Mario Maker level ever until it was bested by a Japanese streamer only a few days after it was released. Last week PangaeaPanga released a new challenge for only the most masochistic of Mario players with: Cape Escape.

Super Mario Maker update to add mid-level checkpoints, new levels

Super Mario Maker will gain a free update on 5th November that adds new features for the game's user-designed courses.

Levels will now be able to include up to two checkpoints for the first time, meaning anyone who plays your creations won't have to start again from scratch if they fail.

Another new feature will be the ability to serve particular power-ups based on Mario's status - for example, a mushroom if Mario is small, or a Fire Flower if Mario is already big.

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Super Mario Maker sells 1m

Super Mario Maker has sold 1m units, Nintendo has announced.

The Wii U exclusive went on sale on 11th September. Wii U has sold just over 10m units lifetime to date.

Fun stat: Super Mario Maker is the 32nd game in the Super Mario franchise to sell at least 1m units. Over 350m games in the Super Mario franchise have been sold in the 30 years it's been going.

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The lovely Super Mario Maker enters second in the UK top 40 chart today, recording the fourth highest first-week sales for any Wii U game. (Mario Kart 8 is strongest, then Super Smash Bros. and Nintendo Land.) "An elegant level editor that offers real insight into three decades of platforming brilliance," we said in our review.

In what is arguably one of the weirdest Nintendo videos in a long time - and that's saying something - Shigeru Miyamoto has taken to YouTube to bust some Mario myths to celebrate the launch of Super Mario Maker.

Super Mario Maker review

RecommendedSuper Mario Maker review

The keys to the kingdom.

UPDATE: Upon official launch, Super Mario Maker's had its old unlock system, which saw new parts arriving over the first nine days of play, patched out in favour of an approach that lets you get to the good stuff far more swiftly. Because of this, we've updated our review, removing a paragraph that covered the old system, and adding a sidebar that tackles the new one.

What lies beyond the first pipe in World 1-2? Don't pretend you have not asked this question - if you are of a certain age, that is, and of a certain disposition. The first pipe in 1-2 is a taunt, the greatest taunt in all of games. And, come to think of it, when it comes to 1-2, what's the deal with Mario?

Super Mario is all about the player's control. But when 1-2 first loads in the original Super Mario Bros., Mario is already walking and there is nothing you can do about it. You have no control at all, and even 30 years after the fact, this is still enormously irritating. Mario pads into the first pipe he sees like he's on rails, and then you're underground and - oh! - now you're in control again. But what about back up there? What wonders lay beyond the pipe that you could not help but head into?

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GAME apologises after Super Mario Maker mix-up

UPDATE: GAME tells customers to expect money back within the next 48 hours.

UPDATE 9/9/15 12.40pm Emails have begun arriving with customers advising them of GAME's next steps in returning money to customers who were over-charged for Super Mario Maker pre-orders. "On Monday we became aware of an issue with some isolated orders," reads the note from GAME's head of customer services. "This has impacted a number of customers who pre-ordered the Wii U exclusive, Super Mario Maker. We have been working through crediting any pending transactions with our banking partners as a top priority. You should see these appear on your account over the next couple of days as we resolve everything ready for the product release on Friday."

VideoVideo: Miyamoto on how Nintendo made Mario's most iconic level

And Takashi Tezuka gives Eurogamer a Super Mario Maker tutorial.

Never meet your heroes, they say (and our own John Bedford has a rum story about bumping into Nigel Havers one Christmas that's testament to this), so it's always an absolute pleasure when that well-worn adage is proven totally wrong. Like anyone who's been in thrall to Nintendo, and to Mario, I've always wanted to meet Shigeru Miyamoto, and yet I've kind of always wanted not to. How can this conjurer of so much joy, this man who's been so fundamental to the modern language of video games, live up to expectations? And what exactly do you say to someone who's surely been asked every question there is in his long, illustrious career?

We're holding off on publishing our Super Mario Maker review until we've had a chance to test the game on live servers, so it should be with you shortly after launch on the 11th. I've been playing the game for a few weeks, however, and it's pretty special. As well as creating a celebration of three decades of euphoric platforming, Nintendo's also crafted what feels like the most accessible 2D level design tool yet made.

Animal Crossing and Mario Maker Amiibo spotted

Just for AC: Happy Home Designer, or something more?

Nintendo has accidentally leaked what looks like another E3 announcement - a new range of Amiibo toys for Animal Crossing, and one for platformer-building sandbox Mario Maker.

VideoVideo: Eurogamer plays Nintendo's Mario Maker

Who can beat Ian's fiendish level?

Nintendo's E3 2014 showing was full of unexpected ideas from the house of Mario - the offbeat but brilliant shooter Splatoon for example, as well as new prototypes from legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto.