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Super Mario Maker update to add mid-level checkpoints, new levels

Worth flagging.

Super Mario Maker will gain a free update on 5th November that adds new features for the game's user-designed courses.

Levels will now be able to include up to two checkpoints for the first time, meaning anyone who plays your creations won't have to start again from scratch if they fail.

Another new feature will be the ability to serve particular power-ups based on Mario's status - for example, a mushroom if Mario is small, or a Fire Flower if Mario is already big.

The game will also get an extra helping of pre-made levels via a new Event Courses section that will showcase creations made by users outside Nintendo (maybe Rayman creator Michel Ancel's course will finally see the light of day?).

Another new section, named Official Makers, will include new levels from Nintendo and others.

Finally, Nintendo will launch a rather lovely New Nintendo 3DS faceplate that features artwork from the game on 27th November. See it above.

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