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Nintendo Vans shoe range now on sale in the UK

Sole calibre.

Nintendo socks, shoes, sandals and caps are now available from skater/emo clothing maker Vans.

If you ever idly doodled mushrooms and goombas on your Converse and wished for something more official, well here we are: Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Duck Hunt designed duds.

This "ultimate two-player partnership", as Nintendo puts it, also extends to non-foot related clothing such as fleeces, hoodies, shirts and backpacks.

The range features 8-bit Nintendo designs including Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Link and Duck Hunt, plus the classic NES controller.

A pair of Nintendo shoes will set you back £52-55, which isn't bad. But you'll pay £18 for a pair of 1-UP Mushroom socks.

Vans is due to launch the whole lot officially tomorrow, 3rd June, but you can already order online.

Nintendo has said it is now comfortable licensing its brands more freely. So, while it has made its own clothing in the past, this decision to bring in a major clothing maker is a new step for the Mario maker.