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Super Mario Maker 2's lack of costumes and online matchmaking with friends upsets fans

Slippery slope.

Nintendo's Mario Maker sequel might add a bunch of new things to the Mushroom Kingdom creation station, but a couple of omissions have upset fans.

For starters, there's been criticism of the fact the game does not include the option for online multiplayer with your pals. Online multiplayer is new to Super Mario Maker 2, and footage of it during the recent Nintendo Direct for the game was warmly received. Fans assumed - though it was never stated - they would be able to play online with friends. But this is not the case.

At this week's round of preview events for the game, a spokesperson told Nintendo World Report you were limited to online play with randoms to ensure course leaderboards were not dominated by teams working meticulously together. Which, to be honest, sounds like a really fun way to play.

Fans have asked for an option for friend-only play to not count towards leaderboards, if this is the issue. Or for separate leaderboards dedicated to play with friends.

Secondly, fans are upset at the sequel's lack of amiibo support - and with this, the removal of Mystery Mushroom characters. Apart from having something else to do with those Nintendo figurines gathering dust on your shelf, the fact they helped unlock extra sprite characters in-game was actually useful.

Mystery Mushrooms (the other way of getting these characters) are gone completely, GameXplainsimilarly confirmed with Nintendo, so there's no opportunity to play as some of the dozens and dozens of other obscure Nintendo faces available in the Wii U version.

These characters were particularly useful when they were implemented in themed courses - such as being able to play as a pixelised Samus Aran in a Metroid-themed level, or Pac-Man in a recreation of his game's classic map. It encouraged some great homages to retro games of the past.

There's still time, of course, for Nintendo to add these things in later. And Super Mario Maker 2 is certainly not wanting for new content elsewhere - such as its entirely new campaign mode which sees you rebuilding Princess Peach's Castle. For more that, here's our Ian with a look at what else is new - and an adorable/terrifying impression of Toad.

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