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Behold the latest astounding Super Mario Maker feat

Gone in 50 seconds.

There's no shortage of insanely difficult Super Mario Maker levels out there, but Salty Sagan's Bomb Spaghetti can certainly hold its own as one of the toughest of the tough.

Level creator CarlSagan42's latest merciless gauntlet isn't just challenging because of all the spikes, saws, lava, Bob-ombs, and Thwomps a pixel's width from Mario at every turn, but it's also got the most fiendish timer I've ever seen applied to Super Mario Maker. Offering only 50 seconds to make it to the goal, every split-second matters in this rather lengthy level.

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CarlSagan42 himself wasn't even sure if the level was possible until he finally completed it after 15 hours of failure. "It's possible!" He exclaimed upon conquering his own challenge. "It's f***ing possible."

"This was extremely hard to test because you can't tell exactly how long the level will take until you beat it," CarlSagan42 said in his YouTube notes. "It took me over 15 hours to beat this level once! I baarreeeellly made it."