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Super Mario Maker's most challenging level has been beaten

By the creator of Bomb Voyage and Pit of Panga: P-Break.

Super Mario Maker fanatic and sadistic level designer PangaeaPanga is infamous for crafting nigh impossible challenges. His Bomb Voyage stage took over 11k attempts to complete, while his follow-up Pit of Panga: P-Break was touted as the hardest Super Mario Maker level ever until it was bested by a Japanese streamer only a few days after it was released. Last week PangaeaPanga released a new challenge for only the most masochistic of Mario players with: Cape Escape.

A bottomless chasm of death wherein players must use every item and exploit at their disposal to stay in the air and avoid damage, Cape Escape appears seemingly impossible. Yet each level needs to be possible for it to get uploaded, so indeed PangaeaPanga had crossed the finish line before uploading it on 17th January.

It stood uncompleted for a whole nine days before anyone could conquer it. But sure enough, after 4671 deaths, YouTuber Grand POOBear managed to make it happen. You can watch this incredible run of Cape Escape below:

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