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Street Fighter 6 hits 1m players after strong launch weekend

Punching above its weight.

Street Fighter 6 is off to a strong start, and has clocked up a million players already following its launch weekend.

Capcom announced the player milestone via Twitter this morning, and celebrated the news with a piece of congratulatory artwork - which you can see above.

Total sales for the Street Fighter series to date have now exceeded 50m units, Capcom also said.

Here's what's new in Street Fighter 6.Watch on YouTube

Street Fighter 6 launched worldwide last Friday, 2nd June, on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Over the weekend, PC player figures shown via Steam revealed that Street Fighter 6 had achieved a player concurrent figure nearly double the best of its fighting genre rivals.

More players were playing Street Fighter 6 than had ever logged on concurrently to Mortal Kombat 11 or Tekken 7 - and by quite some margin.

Back in 2016, Capcom seemed more cautious when celebrating 1.4m sales of Street Fighter 5 - a figure achieved over the course of six weeks, rather than just a few days.

All in all, Street Fighter 6 appears to be doing the business for Capcom. It's also a very good game in general - one that "rights the wrongs of its predecessor while dragging the famous fighting game franchise kicking and screaming into the modern era," according to Eurogamer's Street Fighter 6 review.

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