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Starfield: Missed Beyond Measure walkthrough

Attending the memorial service.

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The main quest 'Missed Beyond Measure' in Starfield starts as part of the main quest Final Glimpses.

What is it about? Unfortunately, one of our companions died during the main quest High Price To Pay (who exactly depends on your decisions). When you return to the lodge later, Noel will approach you and ask you to attend a small funeral service in honour of the deceased.

Wait for the service

The memorial service is not immediate and you don't need to stress about it. Keep an eye on the diary entry, plus the value in parentheses.

The quest starts with a time limit of five days (UT). That means you have enough time for further exploration or excursions wherever you want.

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

If you need it fast, you can sleep on the ship or somewhere else. Keep an eye on the UT value in brackets so you don't accidentally miss the celebration - that would be a shame, although it's also an option for how the quest can end.

As soon as the day has come, you will receive another reminder and with it a new goal.

Attend the memorial service today

Finally, we fast travel to the Lodge, where the whole thing takes place. The participants have already gathered. Remember that who died can be different depending on your choices, but in our playthrough, Sarah begins with a small, heartfelt speech.

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As soon as she has finished her explanations, you can make a small contribution with your character to say goodbye.

Say a few words

Go to the podium where Sarah was standing, click on it and you can say goodbye yourself. Honour the deceased in the desired wording and the final objective of the short quest will start.

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Those who still have a few minutes to spare wait for the other mourners and their short speeches. As soon as no one is comfortable with the podium, we'll tackle the last goal.

Talk to everyone

At the end of the commemoration, you can talk to everyone present again and exchange a few words of comfort, including with the people in the upper area.

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

When you're done with everything, just leave the lodge and the quest will be considered complete.

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